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Hidden Restaurants in San Carlos That Are Worth Trying

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I love visiting San Carlos because it is such a charming and nice area. When I do visit, I enjoy taking myself to the following spots because the food at these restaurants really make me happy. I wanted to share some of these spots with you all and I hope you can enjoy my recommendations as much as I do! Here are my top picks to eat at when visiting San Carlos:

Noelani’s Island Grill

If you love Hawaiian food, you will surely love Noelani's Island Grill. They have delicious hawaiin food with a twist! Here are some great options on food that I highly recommend ordering if you ever plan your visit:

1. Shaka Chicken: If this is your first time visiting, then you must order the Shaka Chicken! The Shaka chicken is made with marinated boneless chicken thighs, mochiko (rice flour) breaded and that is then deep fried. the chicken is then topped with furikake seasoning for an extra added taste! It is then drizzled with sriracha or wasabi aioli & unagi sauce. This platter comes with 1 scoop of white rice and potato macaroni salad and its super delicious! One bite will take you to food heaven. the chicken is nice and crunchy and the inside is juicy and tender. This is a must order dish!

2. Kaka’ako (poke) Nachos: If you love nachos, you have to try them POKE STYLE. It is made with ahi shoyu style poke with tomatoes and green onions, taro chips, and then topped with wasabi aioli, siracha aioli, and unagi sauce. It's absolutely a great starter for any meal and super refreshing. The taro chips pair so well with the heat and sweetness of the sauces, and the fresh poke is the icing on the cake!

3. Pork Belly and Pineapple Bites: If you love pork belly, this is your dish! It is made with slow roasted pork belly that is deep fried and tossed with pineapple chunks in a char sui sauce and then garnished with green onions.

4. Tsunami Fries: Because everyone loves a side order of loaded fries! These fries are both sweet and salty because they are tossed with li hing mui aioli with furikake. (Li-Hing Mui is sugar-salt-plum seasoning)

5. Guava Skirt Steak Plate: If you are feeling pretty meaty, I highly suggest ordering the Guava Skirt Steak Plate. It comes with marinated skirt steak in guava puree, gluten free soy sauce, and ginger. This dish is also served with rice and potato-macaroni salad.

LOCATION: 1037 Laurel St San Carlos, CA 94070

Falafel Tazah

Come to this spot if you want to treat yourself to some fast and delicious mediterranean food! I believe this spot is a fairly new spot, so check them out if you have a chance! Here are some delicious options to order from:

1. Falafel Wrap: I really love their falafel wrap! it is so good and easy for on to go lunches! It is made with seasoned ground garbanzo balls that are fried till they are golden brown. It is then served with cucumber and tomato salad, seasoned onions, pickles and tahini sauce on lavash.

2. Chicken Shawarma Plate: Oh man, I am a huge fan of their chicken shawrma plate because they chicken is so juicy and tender! The Chicken Shawarma Plate is served from a stacked marinated rotisserie, from then they cut thin slices of dark and white meat. It is served with roasted tomato, seasoned onions, pickles and garlic yogurt sauce on lavash. This meal was enough to last me for lunch and dinner!

3. Mixed Shawarma Rice Plate: If you love both chicken and beef-lamb shawarma plates and can't choose which meat to get, then order this plate! It comes with mixed slices of beef-lamb and chicken shawarma served with roasted tomato, seasoned onions and tahini. This plate also includes rice, hummus, salad, and pita bread! I love this combo plate the best!

LOCATION: 1135 Industrial Rd San Carlos, CA 94070

El Maguey Taqueria

If you love burritos, this spot in San Carlos is your one and only destination spot! I have had their burritos and tacos and enjoyed all of my visits. They serve salsa in containers and offer bagged chips that are ready to go for the customers! The customer service in my opinion is fast and great here. Here are some of my recommendations for your next visit to El Maguey Taqueria:

1. Super Burrito: I never fail when I order their super burrito. I would recommend ordering it with al pastor, or chicken! If you decide to go with a chicken super burrito, you will be given the option for grilled or shredded chicken.  I say, DEFINITELY get the grilled chicken because it's tastier and juicier! The burritos are loaded and huge. They are generous with their meat servings and it gets messy as you eat it, which is obviously a good problem that you want in a huge super burrito! I am a fan.

2. Chile Relleno: If you want something different, like a plate dish, I recommend ordering their Chile Relleno. It's super huge, extremely cheesy, and deliciously smothered in the best house sauce.

3. Tacos Al Pastor: If you are into burritos, and you are more of a taco fan, don't fear, their tacos are good as well! I recommend ordering the al pastor tacos though. They are by far the best in my opinion and had a good burst of citrusy flavor in the meats!

LOCATION: 1065 Holly St Ste B San Carlos, CA 94070


If you love french cuisine, then you must visit Cuisinett! I have only been here once, but all of the food I ordered was amazing! Here are the dishes that I ordered:

1. Quiche Lorraine: If this is your first time visiting, ORDER THIS DISH. It is made with bacon, caramelized onions, and Emmental. You have the choice of the quiche to be served with fries or salad. I say get the fries, because they are SUPER GOOD. Overall, the quiche was very creamy and the crust was seriously so buttery and flaky. It's a winner in my book.

2. Pork Chop: Although I did not order this dish, I was recommended to order the pork chop, so I will note that here for anyone who is not interested in ordering the quiche!

LOCATION: 1105 San Carlos Ave San Carlos, CA 94070

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