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Hidden Restaurants in San Bruno That Are Worth Trying (Part 2)

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I was amazed with the views on my original “Hidden Restaurants in San Bruno That Are Worth Trying” post that I recently made. If you have not found it, I highly recommend checking it out here! The post did so well, so now I wanted to take this time to make a PART 2 to the amazing eats of San Bruno. If you live in San Burno, or even if you are ever close by in the area, these are some local spots that I highly suggest trying on your next foodie visit.

Morning Wood

If you haven’t been to Morning Wood, you must visit this gem of a spot on your next visit to San Bruno! Prior to COVID, Morning Wood always had a line out the door to be seated and it made perfect sense. Morning Wood not only has some homey and aloha vibes, but all of the food is A1 and the people working here are super pleasant and friendly! Here are some things you have to order when you visit

1. Oh So Loco Moco: If this is your first time visiting Morning Wood, ORDER THIS DISH. You get to choose from an option of meats that are all really (meatloaf patty, kalua pork, and mochiko chicken). The mochiko chicken is Morning Wood’s version of a crispy giant fried chicken that is extremely juicy and enjoyable, it is my favorite protein to choose when ordering this dish. Their gravy is beefy and savory. They top the dish with Japanese furikake, fukujinzuke, and green onions for a vibrant color and added crunch.

2. Omurice: Did you know that in Japanese Omurice means Omelet Rice? Essentially an Omurice is rice covered over a runny omelet. At Morning Wood, they always change the version of the omurice so you never know what you are going to get! But every time I get the omurice, it does not disappoint!

3. Spamago: If you are torn between what appetizers to get, I highly recommend trying the Spamago. But what is it? A Spamago is a deep-fried spam and tamago (egg) musubi that comes with a semi sweet dipping sauce and it’s super crunchy. The saltiness of the Spam perfectly complements the tamago!

4. Crack Potatoes: If you are offered the crack potatoes as a side, GET IT. You will not regret it. They are seasoned and cooked to crispy perfection!

LOCATION: 260 El Camino Real San Bruno, CA 94066

Taqueria San Bruno

I am always on the hunt for a solid taqueria. I saw the reviews on Yelp were pretty legit so I had to pay a visit myself to explore their food. This place is very generous with the meats and the portions for their burrito is crazy insane. Here are some Items I recommend trying if you ever visit Taqueria San Bruno

1. Super Burrito: If this is your first time visiting, and if you are a burrito lover, order the super burrito from Taqueria San Bruno. In the super burrito you will get a choice of meat, whole beans, onions, cilantro, mild salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese. Don’t you hate when you bite into a burrito and sometimes you just get all rice or beans? Well, the best part about these Super Burrtios is that in their burritos, they layer their ingredients in a way that every bite has all of the ingredients. Truly tasty and satisfying. I highly recommend ordering the Fish, shrimp, al pastor, and carne asada as meats. I haven’t tried this but I hear that you can mix proteins! Don’t take my word for it but a shrimp and carne asada burrito sounds bomb

2. Fish Tacos: Oh man, Taqueria San Bruno knows how to load their tacos with protein! Not only are their tacos filling, but the fish for the tacos are so juicy and delicious! I highly recommend ordering fish tacos here if you are not into the land meats.

3. Al Pastor Tacos: However, if you are not in seafood. I highly suggest trying the al pastor tacos. Oh man are they drool worthy. The meat falls out of the tacos because that’s how much they PACK your tacos with protein. The meat is seasoned well and is also really juicy.

LOCATION: 1045 San Mateo Ave San Bruno, CA 94066

Hana Hawaiian Barbeque

Oh how much do I love Hawaiian BBQ. There are not too many solid spots in the east bay so whenever I make my way into the Peninsula, I always make sure to pay a visit to Hana Hawaiian Barbeque! It’s a little hole in the wall gem that I think should defenelity be recognized more. If you are ever making your way into the San Bruno area, please check this spot out. For how much you pay, you get so much food, and it’s extremely delicious! Here are some dishes I recommend ordering:

1. Seafood & BBQ Combo: If you love yourself a little surf and turf type, then I highly suggest ordering the Seafood & BBQ Combo! You get a Seafood Combo plus a choice of the following (BBQ Beef, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Short Rib, Chicken Katsu, and Kalua Pork). Of course, my favorite choices of meat would have to be the BBQ Short Rib or the Chicken Katsu.

2. Half & Half Plate: This is the best deal because you get to pick any protein of your choice! I normally get the Chicken Katsu (ALWAYS) with either Garlic Shrimp (which by the way, is extremely juicy and bomb), and sometimes the BBQ Beef or Short Ribs.

3. Low Carb BBQ Plate: For those who are looking for healthier options or keto friendly options, this is your spot as well. You get to choose your own protein and also feel good about what you ate and not fall into a fool coma after a heavy meal.

LOCATION: 482 San Mateo Ave San Bruno, CA 94066

There you have it! This is Part 2 of my favorite hidden gem spots in San Bruno. I hope you can enjoy some of my recommendations! Let me know what you think of them if you ever do try the spots that were mentioned in this post.

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