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Hidden Restaurants in Brisbane That Are Worth Trying

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Most people may pass up the city Brisbane to go and eat in South San Francisco or even the San Bruno area. Little did you know that there are some interesting spots and places to eat in Brisbane that you would have never guessed! I decided to take a visit to Brisbane and discover what food options were available, and I was surprised at what as offered! If you were to ever make your visit to Brisbane, here are some spots I would suggest trying if you are daring to venture as the true foodie that you are!

Brisbane Lunch Truck

Food Truck Alert! I always love finding local food trucks because those are the best places to find good and local food. If you haven’t paid a visit to Brisbane Lunch Truck, make sure to do so! From the outside, you wouldn’t notice much from their simple menu, but boy you’re in for a treat! As limited as their menu is, they focus highly on perfecting every single one of them! Oh my goodness… Here is a list of items you MUST get:

1. The Yokohama Chicken Sandwich: If this is your first time visiting Brisbane Lunch Truck, order this sandwich right here. It is probably by far one of the most tender and moist fried chicken sandwiches I’ve had in a while! It is made with ginger and garlic marinated chick thigh meat, and it is the battered and fried with sesame slaw and wasabi mayo! The house made artisan roll is the perfect complement to this sandwich! I was skeptical about the wasabi mayo, but it added to the overall flavor and experience!

2. The BLT’s BLT: This is Brisbane Lunch Truck’s version of the BLT, and it’s so amazing. It’s their signature sandwich that is made with thick cut bacon patties, sweet and savory tomato jam, crisp lettuce, mayo on a toasted thick sliced sourdough bread! I normally am not a fan of sandwiches but I definitely loved this one!

3. Umami chips and Fresh Shortbread Cookie: The Umami Chips that are house made is thinly sliced and then fried. They are so addictive and complement your sandwich perfectly! The Umami chips are paired with a small sweet shortbread cookie to end the meal. Every sandwich here comes with house made umami chips and a fresh baked cookie! Such a yummy perk.

LOCATION: 3501 Bayshore Blvd Brisbane, CA 94005

Nana’s Kitchen

If you are looking for an affordable and yummy spot to eat Chinese food, I would recommend stopping by Nana’s Kitchen. I would also recommend this spot for casual take out, if you are ever in the area or just visiting! This small mom and pop restaurant has a variety of dishes that I find good. Supporting local businesses like these is exactly what we should be doing right now! Here are some dishes I recommend trying.

1. Chow Mein: I really love their thick noodles in the chow mein. Honestly for $10 you cannot beat the portion and price!

2. Won Ton Soup: I love the simplistic flavors of the won ton soup from Nana’s Kitchen. It has a lot of subtle flavors and a good amount of won tons.

3. Sesame Chicken: Oh, I love me some sesame chicken! It’s sweet and salty and crunchy all at the same time!

LOCATION: 301 Visitacion Ave Brisbane, CA 94005


I love this spot so much it leaves me wanting Mo… Another food truck for the book’s guys! If you haven’t tried this spot, maybe you could if you work locally or if you are looking for something to eat on your lunch break!

1. Five Spice Pulled Pork: This is one of MoBowl’s famous and signature bowls that is worth trying. It has a heavenly aroma because they slow cook the pork for hours with their special mix of spices. The meat is tender and juicy! I love it with the sauce and garlic noodles.

2. Peanut Pesto Chicken: I am a fan of chicken, pesto, and peanuts, so why not try this one out?! I really enjoyed the sauce and its amazing sides. This bowl is made with added peanuts to their pesto making the flavors of the dish delicate and bold! The extra layer of flavor that comes from it is like a party in every bite.

3. Garlic Noodles: If you get any meal, make sure to get it with garlic noodles! I love their flavorful and garlicy noodles! It compliments any protein dish!

LOCATION: 249 Visitacion Ave Brisbane, CA 94005

Ichika Sushi House

I love this spot for their amazing service, which is A1! I also love Ichika Sushi House for their fresh seafood and variety of rolls to try from! Not to mention, they give a complimentary edamame bowl at the beginning of the meal as well! Here are a list of things I highly recommend ordering

1. Deluxe Chirashi Sashimi: The platting is absolutely gorgeous on this dish! This Chirashi includes over 15 pieces of fresh seafood. Sea urchin, hokkaido scallop, ikula, sweet shrimp and a daily chef’s choice of fresh fish belly. Ichika Sushi House uses high quality fish and you can definitely taste the difference from the sushi shops in downtown San Francisco. For about $40, you are getting a decent portion of fresh seafood. I honestly think you can’t beat it.

2. Double Toro Roll: For those who are into rolls, this is how you’re rollin today! This roll is made with salmon belly, avocado, and topped with toro. I have never had a double toro roll, I was a little skeptical about it, but it surely did not disappoint.

3. Old County Roll: If you are looking for another roll to try, I highly suggest this roll! It is made with tempura shrimp, spicy tuna and sear hamachi, jalapeno on top. Be warned because this roll can be a bit spicy!

4. Hamachi Truffle: For an appetizer I recommend the Hamachi Truffle. It is made with yellowtail with jalapeno, avocado, truffle oil, ponzu sauce.

LOCATION: 118 Old County Rd Brisbane, CA 94005

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