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Top Foods to Try at Lake Chabot Public Market


If you live in or have visited Castro Valley, chances are you have made your way to Lake Chabot Public Market, and well, if you haven’t, you must make your way over because it is a food heaven! Lake Chabot Public Market has so much variety of food and desserts, it’s every foodies one stop shop. I have been to every restaurant in the building and I wanted to recommend my favorite dishes from each restaurant! Here are my favorite picks from each restaurant inside Lake Chabot Public Market.

Shumi Ramen

I love that there is a ramen spot within Chabot Public Market! It’s so convenient and comforting on cold winters around this time of year. Here are some items I normally get when I visit:

1. Chicken Karaage: I love how Shumi Ramen makes giant chicken karaages! Karaage is a Japanese style fried chicken and it is absolutely delicious. Their Karaage Chicken is juicy and crispy. What I normally like to do is eat it with lemon and Japanese mayo, but I also don’t mind dipping the karaage into my ramen broth. It pairs so well with Ramen, it’s a must order.

2. Shumi Ramen: The Shumi Ramen is the original and most popular ramen. I enjoy the light tonkotsu broth which is a pork bone broth that is made and is extremely popular amongst many ramen shops. The Shumi Ramen includes Cha-shu (pork), bamboo shoots, wood-ear mushroms, green onions, half egg, sesame and seaweed. If you are taking out, the broth is packed separately so you can enjoy fresh bouncy noodles with your broth and also so the noodles don’t soak up all the juice!

3. Kale Vegan Shumi Ramen: I love how Shumi Ramen offers vegetarian and vegan options because it is very hard to find a ramen shop that offers vegetarian or vegan friendly bowls. I really enjoyed the Kale Vegan Shumi Ramen. Inside the ramen you will find spinach, carrots, corns, tomato, bamboo shoots, wood-ear mushrooms, and green onions in a House Special LIGHT broth with KALE NOODLES! The noodles are green and bouncy so it is definitely Instagram worthy!



Milk & Cookie Bar

Ah man, if I could describe Milk & Cookie Bar in one word, it would be MAGICAL. I have NEVER had a bad experience at Milk & Cookie Bar. Not only is the service great, but it’s like being a little kid in a candy shop and wanting EVERYTHING on the menu. Every time I go, I get excited because not only do they constantly have new ice cream flavors, but they are ALWAYS upping their dessert game. From giant milkshakes, to donut sandwiches, Milk & Cookie Bar has got it down. Here are some of my favorite things to get when I visit!

1. Doughboy Shake: The doughboy shakes are the ultimate cheat day eat. It’s a milkshake that comes with two scoops of ice cream flavors of your choice and then topped off with donut holes and toppings to your choosing. Oh, and let’s not forget they whip it up with the whip cream on top too! Oh yes, you can definitely share this milkshake, but I prefer to keep it to myself haha. By far my favorite item on the menu.

2. Doughboy: Ice cream sandwiches on another level. Milk & Cookie Bar’s Doughboy is a giant donut ice cream sandwich that is packed with a giant scoop or two scoops of the ice creams of your choosing and they topped off with a drizzle of your choice too! Oh man it is so good on a sunny day.




If you aren’t craving a heavy milkshake, have no fear, because they’ve got boba here! I am sure many people are familiar with T4. If you aren’t it is a chain boba shop that has several locations all across the bay. It’s not life changing boba, but it does the job. Here are items that I order with I visit:

1. Popcorn Chicken: I am a fan of T4’s popocorn chicken. Maybe it’s the seasoning or how the chicken itself is perfectly marinated and crispy! If I am craving a snack but not a full meal, I will order Popcorn chicken with a side of a boba drink.



Mama Cho's BBQ

This Korean food spot has a variety of fusion foods! I always struggle to decide what I want because honestly, I love all of their food! Here are my top 3 dishes that I order often:

1. Mama Cho’s KBBQ Plate: This dish is a MUST. Mama Cho’s KBBQ Plate includes Rice, Choice of Two Servings of Mama Cho’s Marinated Meats, Fresh Kimchi, and Assorted Vegetables. You MUST get the Oakland Kalbi as one of your meats! I am not entirely sure why they call is the Oakland Kalbi, but it’s not a common name so I always remember it.

2. Cheeseteak Hoagie: Have you ever had a Korean fusion hoagie before?! Well, I’ll tell you, it’s fantastic. It is made with a Amoroso Roll, Mama Cho's Marinated Meat, White American Cheese, Grilled Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Hot & Sweet Peppers. I love getting the hoagie with bulgogi meat! It’s super delicious.




If you are looking for something fresh and light. I highly recommend Pokeatery! Fresh and delicious seafood to go! Here are some of my favorite dishes to order:

1. Crispy Crab Salad: Oh man, don’t leave without the spicy crab salad. I am telling you; you will not regret it!

2. Kelp Noodles: I have never had kelp noodles before but I love that it is a healthier option from carb noodles that go into my poke bowl or salad. This item is a must order as a side for your salad of poke bowl!


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Lake Chabot Public Market LOCATION: 18911 Lake Chabot Rd Castro Valley, CA 94546

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