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Fun Activities to do in Castro Valley During COVID-19


Ever since the pandemic outbreak in 2020, I am sure it has been extremely difficult for many businesses to stay up float during such times. It has been difficult for many people to adjust to being at home, finding things to do on the weekend, etc. I myself am always on the lookout for things to do or places to visit of course in a safely manner. I want to be able to support local communities and businesses! Here are a list of activities and things to do if you are living or even just visiting Castro Valley. These are some of my favorite things to do:

Aran’s Art Studio

I love painting and being crafty. I remember my mother used to taking me to art classes growing up and ever since then I have always had a place for art studios. It has been extremely hard for many businesses to stay up float during the pandemic, but I am here to tell you that Aran’s Art Studio is open and running during COVID-19! This spot is fun for the family, kids, or even with your friends! So, what do you exactly do at Aran’s Art Studio? It’s easy!

Step 1: You choose your ceramic piece that you want to paint on. This can be anything from bowls, plates, mugs, or even animals like cats, dogs, and small boxes for the kids to enjoy painting.

Step 2: Choose your paint colors and paint away! This is the fun part because you get to be creative and make something unique. You could always make a memorable piece, a gift for someone, it’s really all up to you, but I really love painting on plates and put the date that I made it because I can look back at them and remember what a fun time I had painting that particular piece!

Step 3: Aran’s Art Studio will glaze and fire your masterpiece so that you can use them and keep them forever! They won’t lose their color and they are fun memories to keep.

Some Notes on COVID-19 Opening:

Although Aran’s Art Studio accepts walk-ins, but due to limited seating, make sure to call a reserve a spot to save you the extra hassle. Everyone working there is super friendly!

You can also book a group of 8-20 people if you reserve in advance. This way, you can enjoy a nice activity with the comfort of feeling safe with people you know rather than random people. However, please keep in mind that masks are required by both customers and staff at all times.

Lastly, Aran’s Art Studio offers online classes as well! Ask them for more information on their online zoom classes!

LOCATION: 3313 Village Dr. Castro Valley, CA 94546

Lucca’s Italian Delicatessen

I am typically not a huge fan of sandwiches, but I absolutely love all od the sandwiches at Lucca’s Italian Delicatessen. They have so many other deli sides, chips, and items to choose from. Not to mention, they have all types of bread rolls for your sandwiches. My favorite is the Dutch Crunch! Also, might I say that the service here is extremely exceptional. I have never had a bad day here; everyone is so nice! Since this is a well-known delicatessen, be sure to prepare to wait in line to order OR you can always call in advance to place your order! Here are some of my favorite items to eat when I make my visit

1. Roast Beef: Oh how much I love their roast beef sandwiches. I love how they back the sandwiches! I love to get my roast beef sandwich and save the other half for later because it is that huge! My favorite cheese to pair with the roast beef is the Havarti cheese or maybe even the smoked gouda! Their cheese selection is magical I tell ya.

2. Smoked Pepper Turkey: I am usually not a big fan of turkey, but the smoked pepper turkey at Lucca’s I can definitely get behind! I normally get this sandwich with the pepper jack, swiss, or provolone cheese! It’s oh so good and drool worthy!

LOCATION: 3121 Castro Valley Blvd. Castro Valley, CA 94546

Denica’s Real Food Kitchen

If you love a plentiful tasting breakfast or weekend brunch, Denica’s Real Food Kitchen is the place to be! I always find myself visiting the Denica’s Real Food Kitchen in Walnut Creek that I was super excited to find out that they have several locations throughout the bay area and Castro Valley is one of them! Here are some of the dishes I enjoy ordering when I visit:

1. French Toast & Fried Chicken: I’ve always had chicken and waffles, but chicken and French toast? I’ll take two please! This dish is served with a side of spicy syrup that gives it a bolder and mix of flavors that’s sure to satisfy your tastebuds! I am a suck for French toast, so this is by far my favorite dish in house.

2. Loco Moco: I can never say no to a solid Loco Moco dish. Denica’s Real Food Kitchen does not play when it comes to portions, because all of their dishes including their Loco Moco is huge! Just thinking about the delicious brown gravy mixed with the yolk of the sunny side egg is starting to make me drool.

3. Ube Pancakes: I am a huge fan of anything ube, and Denica’s Real Food Kitchen makes AMAZING Ube Pancakes! The ube pancakes are made with purple ube, ube coconut sauce, whipped cream, banana, and then topped with mixed berries. The pancakes are so fluffy and soft, one bite will take you into pure bliss.

LOCATION: 2723 Castro Valley Blvd, Castro Valley, CA 94546

There you have it, if you are ever visiting Castro Valley, CA be sure to check out all that it has to offer! Not only does Castro Valley have a lot of activities to do, but the city also has many delicious restaurants to try as well! Thank you for reading!

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