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Hidden Restaurants in Millbrae That Are Worth Trying

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When you hear about the city of Millbrae, chances are that you may be familiar with the city for being a part of the big south san Francisco community, or being a city that is so close to the San Francisco Airport, or possibly even the last stop on BART. However, did you know that Millbrae has so much more to offer when it comes to dinning?! Yes, that’s right. When I first discovered some restaurants in the area, I knew that I had discovered some local hidden gems. If you are familiar with or even live in the city of Millbrae, I hope that you can find my recommendations useful for your next food adventure! Here is a list of restaurants that I enjoyed eating at during my visit to Millbrae.

Sweet Honey Dessert

If you love desserts, particularly mango flavored desserts, you are in for a treat because Sweet Honey Dessert has a variety of delicious drinks, chilled desserts, cakes, and even hot snack items! I seriously love going to this place. I discovered Sweet Honey Dessert first in Millbrae after I arrived back home from a flight at the San Francisco Airport. The time was around the afternoon and I had not eaten all day but I was craving a light dessert and snack, boba to be exact. I stumbled upon Sweet Honey Dessert through and went it. To my surprise, the service was extremely nice and there were so many desserts and snacks to choose from that it was so hard to choose. They even have rare fruit desserts and drinks made from Durian! Would you try it? Any who, I had a wonderful first experience, and when I found out they opened another location in Concord, CA, I started going every other week! Here is a list of things to try when you visit Sweet Honey Dessert

1. Mango Pomelo Sago: THIS DESSERT IS A MUST. I cannot express my love for this dessert enough. The sweetness and tarte yogurt taste of this dessert is EVERYTHING. It is a creamy chilled soup/ice dessert with pomelo bits, mango bits, and sago (small tapioca pearls) in the dessert. It is so good and so tasty, I feel so bad because one order is never enough for me, haha. Also, you can get this dessert in drink form as well!

2. Watermelon Sago: If you aren’t down for the creamy Mango Sago dessert, try opting for the Watermelon Sago dessert. It is lighter and refreshing but also satisfies a sweet tooth craving! I highly recommend this for the summer time of a light snack. This too also can come in a drink form so that way you can take it to go

3. Popcorn Chicken: I love the popcorn chicken that Sweet Honey Dessert has because the chicken pieces are marinated so nicely and the fried batter is so crispy and crunchy to the bite! They add fresh fried basil leaves, salt and pepper for more flavor.

LOCATION: 1595 El Camino Real Millbrae, CA 94030

Millbrae Kebabs and Gyros

If you enjoy eating Mediterranean food, you will definitely enjoy trying out Millbrae Kebabs and Gyros. This spot is a hidden gem in Millbrae and it’s my job to spread the word for a lovely small restaurant business like this! You can tell that this restaurant uses fresh ingredients, and their meats are super tender and delicious. Not only do they offer true authentic flavors, but Millbrae Kebabs and Gyros has extremely exceptional service. This place is a must visit and here are a few of my favorite things to order:

1. Combo Plate: If you’re a lover of all Mediterranean appetizers, this combo plate is the best plate to order because you can sample many appetizer options. I really enjoy ordering the falafels, hummus, tzatziki, and the baba ghanoush!

2. Super Combo Grill: So if you’re stuck on which meats to order, have no fear, because the super combo grill plate offers a variety of meats that you can try! I highly recommend the chicken cubes, as we all know most can be dry, this place has very soft and delicious chicken. Loved trying the kofte kebab, lamb gyros, and the chicken shawarma as well!

LOCATION: 675 Broadway Millbrae, CA 94030

Antojitos Mexicanos Jovanni Food Truck

If you’re looking for a quick, fast, and solid Mexican spot in Millbrae, then Antojitos Mexicanos Jovanni is the food truck to check out! Not only is this place affordable, but they also pack up on the food, giving you very generous portions. There are also tons of parking options around here so you should have no problem there. Here are some of my favorite items that I order every time!

1. Quesabirria Tacos: These are THE BEST quesabirria tacos in the area. I really love how cheesy and crunchy these tacos are. And for $3 a taco, it’s really not a bad deal at all. If you can, try it with the consume! It’s really good when you dip the quesabirria tacos in it. A magical experience.

2. Al Pastor Tacos: I am a suck for al pastor tacos, so I had to give this place a try for their version, and WOW. I was blown away. The al pastor meat is seasoned very well and comes with a subtle taste of pineapple to finish the flavor profile. I absolutely loved it.

3. Carne Asada Fries: The presentation on this bad boy is lovely! And they certainly didn’t skimp out on the meats and toppings! Everything looked fresh and tasted delicious.

LOCATION: 525 El Camino Real Millbrae, CA 94030

There you have it! A few of the hidden gems in Millbrae that I enjoy eating at. Of course, there are many other spots in Millbrae that are worth trying, but I hope that this article will help spread the word of these small businesses during this pa

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