3 Best QBs Available in NFL Free Agency


The NFL Offseason is about to get much more interesting, with NFL Free Agency beginning on March 15th. There are many big-name free agents on the market, and there are a number of great players that are in trade talks right now as well.

It is very tough to win without a quarterback. So, if you are a team that has a question mark at the position, you are certainly looking at the best QBs available. There are a few QBs in NFL Free Agency this year that are worthy of being starters, so look for them to find a nice payday.

Let's take a look at the three best QB free agents available in NFL Free Agency this season.

When Does NFL Free Agency Start 2023?

Now that it is officially the offseason, many fans have the same question — when does NFL Free Agency start 2023? The 2023 NFL Free Agency period begins on Wednesday, March 15 at 4 p.m. ET. The "legal tampering period," where teams can officially begin talking with players and negotiating terms, will begin two days prior.

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Best QB Free Agents in NFL Free Agents 2023

Lamar Jackson

Technically, Lamar Jackson is the best free agent QB available this offseason. We include him on this list and not Daniel Jones, who is in a similar situation since Jackson has the possibility to switch teams.

The rumor is that the Baltimore Ravens will give Lamar Jackson a non-exclusive tag if the two sides cannot come to a long-term contract agreement. This means other teams will be allowed to negotiate with Jackson, then the Ravens will have the opportunity to match the offer. If they choose not to match the offer, then the other team would send two first-round picks to Baltimore in exchange for signing the former MVP quarterback.

If the New York Jets do not get Aaron Rodgers, it is a real possibility they check on Lamar Jackson.

Geno Smith

After resurrecting his career as the starter for the Seattle Seahawks last season, it would be a surprise to see Geno Smith sign anywhere else. However, after finally putting together a decent NFL season, Geno should absolutely take the biggest bag that is offered to him, as last year looks like the outlier right now.

From everything that has been seen and reported, Geno Smith became the leader Seattle needed at the quarterback position, and that alone had the team playing better. After injuries to the backfield, more pressure was put on Geno than Seattle hoped there would be, and he led them to the playoffs, so look for him to be back.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo is the first major question mark we have amongst the free agents on this list. He took a pay cut to stay in San Francisco last season, but that era of his career appears to be over.

We know a few things about Jimmy G.

  1. He is a winner
  2. He gets pretty cool dates
  3. He always gets hurt
  4. He isn't a premier passer
  5. His "Nona" apparently can't cook better than Subway can

The first few points there will be most important to teams. Jimmy Garoppolo is a leader that has found ways to win, even when his passes are inaccurate or he isn't passing at all. However, he continues to get hurt, which makes it difficult to commit a lot of money to him.

Honorable Mention QB Free Agent: Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones was not included in the five best QB free agents in NFL Free Agency above, but he is an unrestricted free agent. The reason he was not included is that it is a given he will be back with the New York Giants. Either he will sign a long-term contract or he will receive the franchise tag and be back next season.

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