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Jimbo Fisher Isn't Leaving the Aggies


The Texas A&M Aggies are not accustomed to losing, but last season was a tough pill of reality to swallow for the Aggie faithful. The Aggies had an abysmal 5-7 record in 2022 and Jimbo Fisher was at the center of the controversy in Aggieland. With many disgruntled fans calling for his firing or resignation, it is highly unlikely he will leave the Aggies anytime soon. So, no, Jimbo Fisher isn't leaving Texas A&M football, despite what you might hear on the internet.
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Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M Last Year

In the second year of his massive 10-year contract, Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M football did not live up to their usual standard of excellence. Seven games into the season, a plethora of fans were openly questioning the university's hire. So much so that several news outlets started to ponder the question themselves. However, considering his contract, it's highly unlikely that Fisher will leave anytime soon unless, of course, enough donors drum up an obscene amount of money to afford his buyout.

Something to consider is that Fisher was at least trying to adapt to the changing realm of college football. And if there's one great trait of a leader, it's the ability to listen and delegate responsibility to those who are capable. So, it should be a sign of relief when Fisher was open to having someone else take over play-calling duties. This, of course, was after the humiliating upset to the App State Mountaineers.

So, what went wrong? Well, as with any situation, it was a mixture of things. Firstly, injuries plagued the team, forcing the first three quarterback changes in the season. Additionally, it seems that people forgot that the Aggies had the number-one ranked recruiting class for 2022. With that, comes inexperience for the young prospects. It takes time to develop players, no matter how highly they are ranked. They do play in the SEC, after all, the so-called "best conference in college football." However, the offense finished outside of the top 100 units in all of college football last season. But, with the carousel at the QB situation, can you blame Jimbo Fisher for that?

The defense was one of the worst units against the run, and in the SEC, that's not going to do you any favors. However, the horrible play on offense forced the defense to be on the field for the majority of games. Eventually, the defense will break after bending to a point of no return.

What's Next For Fisher and Texas A&M?

The good news is that Texas A&M football has the most returning production for the 2023 season in all of college football. With his top-ranked recruiting class from a year ago now having had a harsh reality of experience under their belt, the team has been through the fire needed to forge a sword. The Aggies are paying Fisher to bring success to Kyle Field, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Now that this team has had the horrible season pass, it's an adequate experience to grow from it.

Plus, I don't think there is enough money laying around to successfully buy him out of his contract. So, Aggie fans should have patience and support their investment instead of trying to tear it down before reaping the rewards. After all, it surely can't help the team they are supposed to be rooting for if the team has to battle its own fans on top of its actual opponent. Injuries derailed them, the offense suffered from it, and the defense was forced to be in a spot because of it. On top of the inexperience, Fisher should not be blamed as much as he is.

Lastly, considering his massive contract, Jimbo Fisher is not leaving Texas A&M anytime soon. Despite how much others want him gone.

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