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Print Your Super Bowl Squares Template Today


Super Bowl LVII is finally here, and we have a terrific matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. This also means we don't have much time left to get your Super Bowl Squares grid filled in with your friends, family and co-workers' names! Luckily, FlurrySports has a free printable Super Bowl Squares template for you to download and fill out!

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Printable Super Bowl Squares Template

You can click the image above or this link for your free printable Super Bowl Squares template! It will take you to a Google Sheets file where you will be able to print off this template for your Super Bowl party.

Good luck and make that money!

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How to Play Super Bowl Squares

If you came here to learn how to play Super Bowl Squares, it's couldn't be easier. Simply, you want to have the square that matches up to the last digit in each team's score at the end of each quarter. Let's explain this further.

How to Play

There's a grid of 100 squares. The columns represent one team while the rows represent the other. The squares will be numbered from zero to 9. You can randomly pick the numbers for the table, you can go in numerical order and randomly select participants' names to fill the grid, or you can put the numbers on there and have people sign up using their own strategy.

How to Win

Then, at the end of each quarter, the square that represents the last digit of each team gets paid out. For example, let's pretend the score at the end of the first quarter is the Chiefs winning 10-3. The person who has the square that represents the Chiefs' zero and Eagles' three would get paid.

Typically, the final score would be worth the most, but you can customize the payouts or buy-in amounts yourself! Some leagues, and sportsbooks, only payout the final score of the game. Super Bowl Squares is super customizable to what you like best. All you need is a printable Super Bowl Squares template.

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