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Best Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Candidates


Needless to say, the Urban Meyer era did not go well in Jacksonville. As a result, there once again is a Jacksonville Jaguars head coach search. The next head coach will be walking into an organization that has devoted a massive amount of money to the team facilities. They will also inherit the 2020 first overall draft pick in Trevor Lawrence. With a top-two pick likely upcoming for this season’s draft, the team should also have a couple of young stars to build around.

A common theme with the three coaching candidates below is their ties to the quarterback position. The new head coach for the team must be “all-in” on Lawrence. Their biggest task will be to make him a star like he was in college. Considering the way he has played, it won’t be an easy task.

The Jaguars thought they hired a culture changer with Meyer. Now, they will try to again. Here are the three best Jacksonville Jaguars head coach candidates.

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Best Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Candidates

Jim Caldwell

I am of the belief that the Jaguars need to bring in an established coach that has credibility and a history of success instead of going with a younger guy. One coach that hasn’t gotten talked about enough over the past couple of seasons is Jim Caldwell.

Excluding the 2011 Indianapolis Colts season, where Peyton Manning sat out the entire year, Caldwell has a 60-36 head coaching record in the NFL. This includes winning nine or more games in three of his four seasons with the Lions. His worst season in Detroit was 7-9, and they haven’t won more than six games since he was canned.

Caldwell is an experienced head coach that garners respect around the NFL. He has also served as a quarterbacks coach often in his career and can help with the development of Trevor Lawrence. This isn’t a flashy hire, which is why the dysfunctional Jaguars likely won’t do it, but he is the best guy for the job. He would build a solid staff to right the ship.

Doug Pederson

Another experienced head coach that garners respect is Doug Pederson. Obviously, Pederson is also a former quarterback and quarterbacks coach. The only thing going for Jacksonville right now is Lawrence, so they must bring in a coach that can make him a star. Pederson is one of the available coaches that can do that.

Pederson brings with him two Super Bowl rings, which he absolutely should wear to the interview. This organization NEEDS stability. Pederson will bring that, along with a great visor.

Byron Leftwich

Is this the best hire they could make? Absolutely not. Will it result in anything positive? Probably not. Is it the most likely hire? Yes.

The Jaguars have already requested to interview Byron Leftwich, the offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former quarterback for the Jaguars. Obviously, being the offensive coordinator for a Super Bowl-winning team immediately puts your name into head coaching searches. However, he better hire a good offensive coordinator of his own, because he is not the offensive mind you’re looking for.

Maybe Tom Brady taught him something. Jacksonville fans better hope so, since this will likely be the hire, unless he looks like an absolute stooge during the interview. He is a young coach that will remind some Jacksonville fans of better times.

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