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Aaron Rodgers Out For Week 9 With COVID


Shocking news came out on Wednesday morning. Green Bay Packers nation found out their MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers contracted COVID-19. While it's bad news, it's not terribly surprising due to the other players in the building who also had/have the virus.

However, the complicated news that accompanies this is that he was immediately ruled out for Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs.
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Aaron Rodgers OUT With COVID | Immunization vs Vaccination

There are very different rules in place for players who are and aren't vaccinated. Many assumed Aaron Rodgers was vaccinated, due to him saying he was "immunized" back in August.

However, Rodgers petitioned the NFL to allow an alternate treatment for COVID, which did not pass. Due to this, Rodgers is not considered a "vaccinated" NFL player. He immediately misses this Sunday's game without pay as a result. If he were vaccinated according to league rules, all he would have to do is produce two negative tests 24 hours apart, as was the procedure with Davante Adams last week.

Clearly, this situation is more complicated than a clear black and white. However, the fact of the matter is that Aaron Rodgers is out for NFL Week 9 against the Chiefs, and Jordan Love is expected to make his first NFL start.

The play of Jordan Love in this game could dictate what this Packers organization does going forward. If he struggles, we could see the Packers-Rodgers relationship repair, signing him to a secure, long-term deal. If Love looks the part, it would be easier to move the MVP this offseason.

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