MLB Power Rankings: Rays Raise Their Game


With May drawing to a close, the race truly begins. For the most part, the contenders are separated from the pretenders and we know who is actually worth watching. Not only are we starting to get an idea of who the favorites or playoff teams could be, we are also starting to see which teams are likely to be blown up this offseason. This week we again have a new number one, with the Tampa Bay Rays looking like the clear best team in baseball. Here are your updated MLB Power Rankings.
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Week 9 MLB Power Rankings

1) Tampa Bay Rays (34-20) ( Last Week: 2 )

For the first time, the Tampa Bay Rays cracked the top spot in our MLB Power Rankings, and for good reason. They are 9-1 over their last 10 games, with an easy 5-1 record this week against Toronto for one, Kansas City for three and Philadelphia for two. This team just keeps on winning and are 23-7 in their last 30 games. With their only series losses recently coming against the Yankees and Athletics, this team is without a doubt the best in baseball right now.

2) San Diego Padres (34-20) (1)

Just as Superman has kryptonite, and Giannis Antetokounmpo has free throws, the Padres continue to struggle mightily against the Brewers. Although the Padres were able to take a three-game series from Houston and split with the Brewers, one must wonder why they are only 2-5 against Milwaukee and 32-15 against everybody else.

3) Boston Red Sox (32-20) (3)

Thanks to a postponed game, the Red Sox only played four games this week, but were able to take three of the four, with two against Atlanta and two against Miami. They weren’t tested this week, but will be this upcoming week, with four against Houston and three in the Bronx.

4) San Francisco Giants (33-20) (6)

The Giants needed to bounce back following a horrific week against their rivals, and they did just that. They took both games from Arizona before getting a huge four-game series win over the Dodgers after dropping the first game. They need the Friars to play Milwaukee more.

5) Chicago White Sox (32-20) (8)

Although the White Sox can make nothing but poor decisions off the field , they continue to take care of business on it. They took their series against St. Louis before easily earning a four-game sweep over the Orioles. They could pad their already nice 3.5 game division lead with a four-game series with the Indians on deck

6) Los Angeles Dodgers (31-22) (4)

The Dodgers started the week coming off of a three-game sweep of the Giants by splitting a two-game stint with Houston and taking the first game from San Francisco. Unfortunately for Dodgers fans, they dropped the next three and will have to work to get momentum back yet again in the NL West race.
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7) Chicago Cubs (29-23) (12)

They may not be first in the NL Central right now, but they will be pretty damn soon if they keep this up. 8-2 in their last 10, the Cubs took care of business with a three-game sweep of the Pirates before taking two of three from Cincinnati. They will have a heck of a tough stretch starting Monday however as their next ten are against the Padres or Giants, before another three with St. Louis.

8) St. Louis Cardinals (30-23) (9)

St. Louis doesn’t have it nearly as bad as the Cubs will for the near future, but they do start this next week off against a Dodgers team that desperately needs to get back on track to keep pace in the division. That series makes their four-game stint with Cincinnati even more important, as losing those games could spell disaster for their division lead.

9) Oakland Athletics (31-24) (7)

Not only did the Athletics lose two of three to Seattle to start the week, but they could only split a four-game series with the Trout-less Angels. They shouldn’t sound the alarm bells yet though as they have a chance for revenge with three more against Seattle to start the next week. Add in their next five after the Seattle series coming against the Rockies and Diamondbacks, and they should be alright.

10) New York Mets (25-20) (14)

It’s a wonder how this team is over .500 and at this point, it’s actually impressive. Their highest qualified batting average is .242, Lindor is at risk of falling below a .190 batting average, and Jacob DeGrom gets so little run support, he’s 3-2 even with a 0.80 ERA. Somehow though, they’re able to do just enough and find them 3.5 games ahead of second in the NL East.

11) Cleveland Indians (28-23) (11)

Say what you want about their Francisco Lindor trade, but they’re doing just fine without him. Cleveland is currently tied with the Yankees for the second wild card spot and, although they have to face the White Sox for three games, they also get Baltimore for three to end the week. If they can steal two from Chicago, they could make up some serious ground.

12) Milwaukee Brewers (28-25) (16)

The NL Central could get very interesting, very quickly. Milwaukee’s bats are finally back to help their pitching and they were able to split four with the Padres before bringing out the brooms on the Nationals. With the Brewers not scheduled to play a team above .500 until JUNE 28TH, they have a serious shot of taking back the pole position as they are only two games out of first.
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13) New York Yankees (29-24) (5)

The Yankees started the week by losing two of three to the Blue Jays and ended it in maybe the most pathetic three-game series of the entire season across the MLB. They got swept by the Tigers by a combined score of 15-5. I know, the Tigers are not the worst team in the bigs anymore but come on.

14) Houston Astros (28-24) (10)

The Astros had a tough week, but did well to take two of five from the likes of the Dodgers and Padres. Unfortunately, their test isn’t over as seven of their next ten are against the Boston Red Sox. They will need to take at least four of those games to keep pace with Oakland in the AL West.

15) Toronto Blue Jays (27-25) (13)

Don’t worry Toronto, I see you. Your inconsistency has been concerning and you are second-last in the AL East. With that being said, taking two of three from the Yankees and Indians is pretty good. They’ll have a nice easy two-game series against Miami before having to run through an absolute gauntlet for their next 13 with series against Houston, the White Sox, Boston, and the Yankees. Enjoy it while it lasts.

16) Seattle Mariners (27-27) (24)

The Seattle Mariners are the Dogecoin of the MLB. They’re beloved by all, mainstream media doesn’t really pay attention to them, and they both experience some crazy highs and lows. Luckily for Mariners fans, this team is on the up by taking six of their seven games this past week. Can they duplicate their last series win over Oakland again this week?

17) Kansas City Royals (25-26) (18)

Unfortunately, Kansas City had to play the Rays this week. They did well to take a game against them though, and while they couldn’t get a sweep, still took the series against the Twins. They should be able to keep moving forward with matchups against Pittsburgh and Minnesota this week.

18) Atlanta Braves (24-26) (15)

The Braves had two of their matchups against the Mets postponed due to weather and, seeing how the one game they did play went, that may have been for the best. Atlanta was pummeled 13-2 after looking good by being able to take one of two from Boston. The good news: they get a chance to beat up on the reeling Nationals next.
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19) Miami Marlins (24-28) (19)

The NL East is the NFC East this past year in the NFL. Both divisions are trash and the Marlins are just another example. They celebrated a series win over the Mets last week by only being able to take two of four from the Phillies, before losing both in a two-game stint against Boston. Somehow this team is only 4.5 games back of first so they still have a very real shot at the playoffs.

20)  Los Angeles Angels (24-29) (23)

The Angels had a good week by taking four of six from division rivals. Unfortunately for them, they are extremely inconsistent and will likely follow that up by falling off a cliff this coming week. Another stroke of bad luck: they have to play the Giants for two games to start the week.

21) Cincinnati Reds (23-28) (22)

The Reds were able to take the series against Washington to start the week before losing two of three to Chicago. Seeing how the Cubs are playing though, that’s good enough for a team like the Reds . They have the luxury of playing the Phillies next but better take advantage as their next seven come against St. Louis and Milwaukee.

22) Philadelphia Phillies (25-28) (17)

I’m going to be completely honest; this team would be higher if they didn’t play in the NL East. I can’t trust a team who can’t even beat up on their own weak division. While losing two to the Rays isn’t surprising, splitting a four-game series with the Marlins, with their payroll, is surprising and embarrassing. Story of their season though, am I right?

23) Washington Nationals (21-28) (20)

Thankfully Washington got their World Series banner a couple years ago, because they’ll have to wait at least another year the way they’re playing. Losing a series to the Reds isn’t terrible, but being swept by a Brewers team with the second lowest team batting average at home is. Story of their division though, they’re only six games out of first.
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24) Minnesota Twins (21-31) (29)

The Twins had a gimmie series against Baltimore to start the week before dropping two of three to Kansas City. Luckily, they have another series against Baltimore to start this upcoming week, but they can’t rely on that the whole season. You can’t lose in the playoffs if you don’t make it though!

25) Detroit Tigers (22-31) (25)

Somebody please tell me why the Tigers look decent now? They lost three of four to Cleveland, but swept the Yankees quite easily. I don’t think it’s a coincidence they’ve started to win more now that the bats are waking up. Can they stick around, though?

26) Texas Rangers (22-33) (21)

Texas has lost six in a row, but thanks to the other four pathetic teams below them, they aren’t quite in the cellar. Their sweep over the Astros two weeks ago is proving to be nothing more than a fluke. It doesn’t bode well that only three of their next 13 games are against teams below .500.

27) Pittsburgh Pirates (20-32) (27)

While they were swept by the Cubs, they did take two of three from the Rockies to at least keep them out of the bottom three of our MLBM Power Rankings. They pitched two shutouts, but you’d have to think it’s thanks to their opposition, not their pitching improving. It’ll be a long season in Pittsburgh again.

28) Colorado Rockies (20-34) (26)

Only being able to take one of four from a Mets team that can’t hit is sad. Being beat in a series by the Pirates is just adding more pain for Rockies fans that don’t deserve to be let down so often by ownership. If Story is traded too, this team won’t even be worth watching on TV.

29) Arizona Diamondbacks (19-35) (28)

Thanks to their recent 9-2 win over St. Louis, the Diamondbacks broke their 13-game losing streak that included three different sweeps. While their division is tough, there is no way they should only have one win since May 15th. Seeing how this team is playing and with the Mets and Brewers on deck, who knows when they’ll win again.

30) Baltimore Orioles (17-36) (30)

This team is so bad they aren’t even worth my time. They have lost 13 straight games and are just the stain of the MLB. They don’t deserve to even be written about or shown, so here’s a picture of an actual Oriole.
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