MLB Power Rankings: Padres Pack a Punch


Another week, another new number one in the MLB Power Rankings. In a week where sports media was overrun with the NBA playoffs starting and the continuation of the NHL playoffs, there was plenty that went on in the world of baseball that can’t be overlooked. The big boys of the MLB, on paper, are starting to show up and, with every week, we get more and more separation in our rankings. As for this week, however, this is how the entire MLB stacks up as of now.
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Week 8 MLB Power Rankings

1) San Diego Padres (30-17) ( Last Week: 6 )

This is the San Diego Padres team we all expected this season. They’ve won nine straight and currently have the best record in the majors. Sure they played the Rockies and the Mariners, but their offense is clicking on all cylinders and their pitching is limiting chances for their opposition. They will look to extract revenge on the Brewers next week before a three-game stint against the Astros.

2) Tampa Bay Rays (29-19) (11)

If you thought that the team that had won nine in a row was the hottest team in baseball, think again. The Tampa bay Rays have won 10 straight and are now tied for the lead in the AL East. Outside of Monday’s game against Toronto, their next five come against sub-.500 teams. Their bats have come alive and will likely stay that way against substandard pitchers this week.

3) Boston Red Sox (29-19) (5)

Boston may not have the best record in baseball anymore, but they’re still consistently producing. At 7-3 over their last 10 games, the Red Sox, like Tampa Bay, have their next five against sub-.500 teams. They’ll need all the wins they can get to protect their AL East top spot with Tampa and New York surging as of late.

4) Los Angeles Dodgers (29-18) (12)

Well, that took longer than expected, but just like Thanos, they were inevitable. Their win streak has now stretched to seven and they have only lost once in their last 10 games. The Dodgers had a big three-game sweep over the Giants to end the week, and they find themselves only a game back of the division lead in a NL West that is finally as good as it should be.

5) New York Yankees (28-19) (10)

The New York Yankees are the latest bit of proof that this past week was the week of the “blue bloods” of baseball. They are also surging, winning six straight and eight of 10 games. While their four-game sweep of the Rangers was certainly impressive, it was their three-game sweep of the White Sox that has them finally catching the attention of the league and rising in our MLB Power Rankings. Is this just a phase or have they finally arrived?

6) San Francisco Giants (28-19) (2)

The San Francisco Giants lost three crucial games to the Dodgers to end the week, which will certainly create another hurdle for them to get that NL West crown. San Francisco is still one of the best teams in the league, however, and has a four-game series with the Dodgers at the tail end of this week that can help them make up some of their recently lost ground.
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7) Oakland Athletics (28-20) (4)

The Athletics are the only top-10 team to have a negative run differential. That begs the question: are they truly this good or overrated? They win close games and lose blowouts. Is this due to off games or just being exposed by better teams? It’ll be a while before we find out as they only play the Mariners and Angels for the rest of May.

8) Chicago White Sox (26-19) (1)

The White Sox were able to take two of three from Minnesota, but have to be disappointed with their sweep at the hands of the Yankees. While two of the three games were decided by a single run, the top tier teams in the MLB need to find ways to win those close games.

9) St. Louis Cardinals (26-20) (8)

The Cardinals took care of business against the Pirates to start the week, but couldn’t beat the rival Cubs in a three-game series to end the week. While they are still a good team, they have certainly cooled off. They only lead by two games and have the White Sox for their next three.

10) Houston Astros (26-21) (3)

Houston was one of the hottest teams in the league just last week. A sweep to the Rangers to end the week now have them sitting on a three-game losing streak. They end the month with six against the likes of the Dodgers, Padres and Red Sox. They might find themselves at .500 and dropping in the MLB Power Rankings going into June.

11) Cleveland Indians (24-20) (9)

The Indians had a big week in terms of proving whether they were a real contender and they failed the test. They did take their series against the Angels, but needed two narrow wins to do so. Their next series against the Twins saw a series loss with their only win coming in extras. They have the Tigers next who may finally be waking up.

12) Chicago Cubs (24-22) (17)

The Cubs had a test week much like Cleveland. Unlike Cleveland, they were able to pass with flying colors. While they still have to show some consistency, winning three of four against the Nationals and two of three against the division-leading Cardinals is impressive. They have the luxury of facing Pittsburgh and Cincinnati for their next six.

13) Toronto Blue Jays (23-22) (7)

Toronto has lost five straight and plays the red hot Rays for a game before heading to New York to face the Yankees for three games. It might not be too early to say this week could mean a lot in determining their fate in the AL East this year.

14) New York Mets (21-19) (13)

The Mets continued to make life difficult, as they needed extras to take even one of three games from Miami. They do face Colorado and Atlanta next, but they also make those series tougher than they need to be. Still waiting on Lindor to hit the Mendoza line.

15) Atlanta Braves (23-24) (19)

Atlanta has won three straight and hung up 33 runs in their last three games against the Pirates. They’ll need to carry that offense to carry over for the rest of the month, as they face Boston and their division rival Mets and Nationals for the rest of May.

16) Milwaukee Brewers (23-23) (18)

One would think they had fixed their problems after finally being able to manufacture runs against Atlanta to end last week. Wrong. They lost two straight to Kansas City who had only won two of 15 prior. They were able to take two of three from Cincinnati and Yelich finally hit his first home run. The team’s success is on his back.

17) Philadelphia Phillies (23-24) (14)

Philly has lost seven of 10, but something can be said of them being able to at least take a game from Boston to end the week. They have a chance to get revenge on the Marlins, who beat them in a three-game series last week with a four-game stint this week. This team could use an improvement in batting average from Andrew McCutchen, Didi Gregorious, and many others to get any consistency.

18) Kansas City Royals (22-23) (22)

The Royals have stopped their skid and it seems like all they needed was a series against Milwaukee. They took their series against Detroit as well and seems to be back to at least a .500 team. Not a moment too soon either as they meet the Rays for three to start the week.
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19) Miami Marlins (22-24) (20)

Taylor Rogers may be one of the most underrated pitchers in the league, with a 6-2 record and 1.74 ERA. He leads the team in wins, ERA and strikeouts. This pitching staff certainly hasn’t been bad, but it seems when their pitching steps up, their bats fall silent and vice versa. They have time in the bad NL East, but still need to fix this to have a chance to make the playoffs again.

20) Washington Nationals (20-23) (21)

Trea Turner may be the MVP of the National League right now, and it’s a wonder what Washington would be without him. He’s hitting .324 with 10 home runs, 25 RBIs and eight stolen bases. This team needs Strasburg to get healthy and regain his old form to have a chance at the postseason.

21) Texas Rangers (22-27) (27)

This week’s most frustrating team was the Rangers. They did play a tough Yankees team, but outside of the first game, they couldn’t even compete. The Rangers then followed that embarrassment with a three-game sweep over a solid Houston team. They have their next six against Seattle and the Angels so they should do well. Knowing their inconsistency though, they may not even win three.

22) Cincinnati Reds (20-25) (16)

When you get swept in a four-game series, it’s already a bad week. Add in losing a series to the Brewers, and you have one of the worst weeks of the season. They need to regain their footing now as they could fall too far back in a competitive division. They get their chance to make up against it with the Cubs coming up this week.

23) Los Angeles Angels (20-27) (23)

Mike Trout looks to miss 6-8 weeks with a right calf strain . Seeing they need him and Shohei Ohtani to play out of their minds simply to be seven games below .500, you can already kiss this season goodbye. If it’s any consolation, Ohtani is likely the MVP frontrunner in the American League.

24) Seattle Mariners (21-26) (15)

If you’re asking yourself: “Did he make a mistake? He has Seattle at the same amount of wins as last week!” have no fear, I did not. The Mariners somehow got swept by the Tigers before running into an absolute buzzsaw that is the Padres. They face the Athletics and the Rangers this week which may be a repeat of last week seeing how they couldn’t even beat Detroit.
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25) Detroit Tigers (18-28) (28)

I really thought this team would be dead last in these MLB Power Rankings for the year, but boy have they proven me wrong. This team still sucks, but they suck a little less with a sweep of the Mariners and taking a game against Kansas City. Their problems seem to change every night. One thing for certain is this rebuild is not going well so far.

26) Colorado Rockies (18-29) (29)

The Colorado Rockies may have been swept by a tough Padres team to start the week, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by their three-game sweep of the Diamondbacks immediately after. The more they win though, the more painful this rebuild becomes. It’s time they let Trevor Story go and hopefully gain some prospects that can speed up this rebuild.

27) Pittsburgh Pirates (18-28) (25)

The Pirates went 1-5 this week and were absolutely embarrassed by the Braves in their last three games. Losing a combined 33-3 over three games is inexcusable. Pittsburgh is just as helpless as they were for decades before the emergence of Andrew McCutchen. Time to embrace the tank.

28) Arizona Diamondbacks (18-30) (24)

It wasn’t too long ago the Diamondbacks were a mid table team in terms of ability. Arizona hasn’t won in over a week, and they face the Giants and Cardinals for their next six games. Seeing they can’t even have a single batter hit .290 or a qualifying pitcher with an ERA lower than 4.5, there isn’t much chance of a turnaround here in the MLB Power Rankings soon.

29) Minnesota Twins (17-29) (30)

Minnesota won their first series since the first week of May. It would mean a little more if it wasn’t against the unpredictable Indians. They face the Orioles for three to start the week in what can only be dubbed the “cellar dweller series.”

30) Baltimore Orioles (17-29) (26)

Baltimore has lost six straight and nine of their last 10 games. That is enough to make their first appearance in dead last in our MLB Power Rankings. They’ll need to win their series against Minnesota to have a chance to make it out, as they play the White Sox for four games immediately after.

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