Will Tim Tebow Catch a Touchdown for the Jaguars?


It’s official — Tim Tebow is back in the NFL. This time, he is operating as a tight end, after news broke that he will be signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Of course, this reunites Tebow with his former coach Urban Meyer. The two are close, with Meyer even purchasing a house next to Tebow’s.

So, there is one big question. Will Meyer and Tebow just be having slumber parties, or are they developing ways to get the former quarterback in the end zone?

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How Does Tebow Fit?

While the signing of Tebow has been met exclusively with jokes, it may be more interesting that initially believed. We know Tebow is an athletic freak; that has never been a debate. What can be debated is where he currently ranks on the Jaguars tight end depth chart.

As of now, Chris Manhertz is slotted in as the starter. Following him is fifth-round rookie Luke Farrell, then likely James O’Shaughnessy. Between Manertz and O’Shaughnessy, there’s 12 seasons of NFL experience. However, they aren’t factors in the receiving game, shown by their combined four touchdowns. Farrell isn’t much better, catching 34 passes and four touchdowns across his entire Ohio State career.

There’s little doubt that Tebow is the most electric of the group with the ball in his hands.

Will Tim Tebow Score for the Jaguars?

You can see there is a prop above from PickUp, where you can put in your free guess for if you think Tim Tebow will catch a touchdown with the Jaguars. If you get it correct, you earn points towards prizes. You can see these props on our site every day.

Anyways, back to the golden boy. Tebow is a distraction that a team cannot afford, unless the on-field production outweighs said distraction. With that being said, Tebow will almost definitely play a role for this Jaguars team.

Expect Jacksonville to use him a a gadget player at the tight end position, moving him around the formation à la Taysom Hill. While Tebow will likely be most effective taking hand-offs out of the backfield, he’s athletic enough to be used in the open field against a linebacker.

The issue Tebow runs into is that he will likely not be an effective red zone weapon as a receiver. With a smaller field to work with and (assumingly) poor route running, Tebow’s 6-2 frame does not provide an advantage. However, we could easily see him run the ball or do his famous jump pass on the goal line.

Again, this doesn’t help with the prop above. However, Tebow could absolutely be a weapon in this weak Jaguars tight end room.

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