Top 3 Free Agent Linebackers Still Available for the Packers


The Green Bay Packers addressed a number of needs in the 2021 NFL Draft, but inside linebacker was not one of them, despite the pick of small linebacker Isaiah McDuffie. They need both experience and depth from the inside linebacker position. Although the free agent linebackers market is pretty weak at this point, there are still some diamonds in the rough.

Here are the top three linebackers still available for Packers to sign.
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Top Free Agent Linebackers Still Available

Kwon Alexander

Kwon Alexander’s injury history is no secret; he has a real issue with staying healthy at times. When he is on the field however, he can be a very solid piece in a defense. Alexander has not only shown the ability to get home to the quarterback when sent on blitzes, but he has also shown the ability to be able to read the quarterback’s eyes and make a play on the ball in zone coverage. With a defense that will be blitzing a lot, a linebacker like him could work wonders for the Packers.

While you would figure Alexander would get hurt at some point in the season, even then he’s a worthy signing. His injury history is the reason he isn’t signed, so he certainly wouldn’t need to be offered much from the Packers. Alexander gives a high upside for a miniscule risk, which is why he’s worth a look.

Will Compton

Much like Kwon Alexander, Will Compton has had plenty of troubles staying on the field in recent years. However, at this point, there isn’t anyone left who doesn’t have major red flags. The thing that sets Compton apart is his past success in 2015 and 2016 with the then-Washington Redskins. His defensive coordinator for those two seasons: Joe Barry . Compton knows the Barry system and easily had his two most productive years under him. He may not be young, but he’s still a prime candidate to be the newest Green Bay Packer.

His production has dipped in recent years as he has aged, but again, those numbers are skewed due to injury. Much like Alexander, his injury history would allow Green Bay to sign him for cheap while risking next to nothing. If nothing else, he could help the other linebackers on the team acclimate themselves into Barry’s scheme more effectively. His ability to also be another good locker room guy isn’t to be looked over either.

R eu ben Foster

With Reuben Foster, I have saved arguably the least durable player in recent memory for last. A knee injury has kept him off the field for the last two seasons, and that is why it is no surprise he is still available in the free agent linebackers market . The one thing about Foster that puts him on this short list is that he is so damn good when he’s on the field and out of trouble. He has only played in 16 games over a four-year career in the NFL, but has still racked up over 100 tackles. Imagine the productivity he could put out if he could stay on the field.

There is no guarantee that Foster even plays another snap of NFL football again. Put him in a blitz-heavy defense like Barry’s, and it’s likely a matter of when, not if, he gets injured. With the Packers needing some kind of spark on defense however with no free agent signings and a batch of rookies, the Packers might as well throw a minimum contract at Foster and hope for the best. With the state of the other linebackers available, Foster is as good of a bet as any if he can get himself on the field and ready to play.

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