Aaron Donald Video Shows He is Not at Fault in Pittsburgh Brawl


Aaron Donald is the absolute lifeblood of the Los Angeles Rams. That is why a collective gasp fell across Rams Nation Wednesday when it was reported that the seven-time Pro Bowler could possibly be in serious legal trouble. Allegations of misconduct and assault were levied by De’Vincent Spriggs against Donald on Wednesday, after a scuffle occurred at a party located in Pittsburgh. However, a recent video of the fight surfaced that seems to clear Donald of any wrongdoing.

New Aaron Donald Video

According to an interview he conducted with ESPN, Donald’s lawyer Casey White stated, “As he ducks, somebody from behind grabs him to stop him from interacting with this guy, Mr. Spriggs, so he holds Aaron back in a sense. At that point, that’s when other people come to Aaron’s aid and defend him by removing, so to speak, Mr. Spriggs from the area where he is punched and he is fighting. It’s a mutual fight at this point between other individuals who Aaron does not really know.”

Furthermore, White went on to defend his client. He stated that his actions that night were more of the heroic category instead of the barbaric. According to the attorney, Donald actually went out of his way to pull people away from the melee instead of participate: “Aaron actually runs over to [Spriggs’] aid and starts pulling people off of this guy. He’s trying to get these kids off Spriggs. He gets at least two or three people off of Spriggs and at that point in time, somebody grabs Aaron and says, ‘This is not a good situation, let’s get the heck out of here.” White also went on to say that a total of five witnesses have come forward to confirm Donald’s side of the story.

Credit: Alex Gallardo/AP Photo

Donald Appears to be Exonerated

The story originally made headlines after an attorney representing Spriggs filed a criminal complaint with Pittsburgh police on Wednesday, claiming that Donald and others affiliated with him were instrumental on an assault on his 26 year-old client. Spriggs apparently needed 16 stiches and also suffered a broken nose, a broken orbital bone, a concussion, and a severely injured arm.

However, in light of the new video evidence, White believes strongly that the Pittsburgh police will neglect to file any charges against Donald. The Rams organization officially stated, “We are collecting more information and will have no further comment at this time.”

Usually, situations involving NFL players at parties never end well for those involved. However, at least for Donald, we can all breathe a sigh of relief for the meantime as it appears that his name will eventually be cleared.

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