How Jaylon Smith and Tony Romo Could Share a Jersey Number


Twitter exploded on Tuesday over a debate on whether or not Jaylon Smith should be able to change his jersey number from 54 to 9. As you can imagine, Cowboys fans had some strong opinions in this.

Proposed Changes to NFL Jersey Numbers

For reference to why this came up to begin with, reports stated last week that the Kansas City Chiefs proposed that the NFL expand jersey number options for a few different positions. These changes would allow players to possibly change their jersey numbers back to their college numbers, or keep them as they come into the NFL. It’s expected that NFL owners will approve this change, but nothing is official yet.

Here are the current rules and the proposed changes to them by the Chiefs:

  • Quarterbacks, punters, kickers can currently wear jersey numbers 1-19.
    • This would not change with the proposal.
  • Running backs can currently wear jersey numbers 20-49.
    • With the proposal, they could wear jersey numbers 1-49 and 80-89.
  • Defensive backs can currently wear jersey numbers 20-49.
    • With the the proposal, they could wear jersey numbers 1-49.
  • Full backs, H-backs, and tight ends can currently wear jersey numbers 40-49 and 80-89.
    • This would not change for fullbacks with the. It would change for tight ends and H-backs who could wear jersey numbers 1-49 and 80-89 with the proposal.
  • Wide receivers can currently wear jersey numbers 10–19 and 80-89
    • With the the proposal, they could wear jersey numbers 1-49 and 80-89.
  • Defensive linemen can currently wear jersey numbers 50-79 and 90-99.
    • This would not change with the proposal.
  • Centers, offensive guards, and tackles can currently wear jersey numbers 60-79.
    • With the proposal, offensive linemen could wear jersey numbers 50-79.
  • Linebackers can currently wear jersey numbers 40-59 and 90-99.
    • With the proposal, they could wear jersey numbers 1-59 and 90-99.
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Jaylon Smith’s Thoughts on a Jersey Number Change | 54 to 9?

Although this seems like a great option for players and owners across the league, we know how attached some fan bases can be with certain numbers. This is very-well the case for the number 9 and the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

Jaylon Smith, previously, sported a number 9 jersey during his time at Notre Dame. So as a result, a fan page posted a picture of Smith in a number 9 Cowboys jersey on Instagram. Smith then put this on his story and quickly sparked opinions like wildfire on social media.

Smith made it clear that he would like to take advantage of this proposed change. Unfortunately, for Smith the problem is that the number 9 hasn’t been untouched by the Cowboys since Tony Romo retired from the NFL 4 years ago.

Twitter’s Thoughts on Jaylon Smith’s Wishful Thinking

Although Tony Romo remains, debatably, one of the most controversial Cowboys players ever, Twitter had some thoughts on this change. Some saying they don’t mind this jersey number change for Smith, and others being strongly against it to say at the least.

The debate started with people pointing out that Jaylon’s current jersey number, 54, is already recycled from Hall of Famer Randy White, so taking the number 9 should’t be any different. This included Dak Prescott’s brother Tad.

Other Cowboys fans disagreed with Tad’s logic. They went on to say that Romo isn’t the issue, but that Jaylon’s lack-of performance last season is still worrisome overall.

Some said it’s as simple as the fact that they just don’t hold Smith and Romo at the same level of respect yet.

It’s no secret that Jerry Jones and Tony Romo were close throughout Tony’s tenure with the Cowboys. This could mean that the number 9 is unofficially retired by the Jones family for Dallas.

Other Cowboys Players Posts

This Twitter debate leaked back to Instagram where more fan pages posed about others players and what changes would be made if players switched back to their college numbers.

Here are some of the posts we spotted on Instagram talking about switching jersey numbers:

CeeDee Lamb seemed to like the idea of switching back to his college jersey number 2 on his Instagram story. But, l Michael Gallup and Dak Prescott lightened up the mood after a long morning of Twitter debates.

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