What is the Best Super Bowl Food?



Super Bowl Sunday truly is a special day that brings people together (screw you, Fauci) to celebrate the two things that together symbolizes America better than anything else: football and food. Let's face it, the commercials are trash. If you're the boring person that shows up to the Super Bowl party saying you can't wait to see the commercials, you better have brought the best Super Bowl food at the table.

Now, you may be panicking. You were so jazzed about the unfunny, non-special commercials that you completely overlooked what you were going to bring! It's time for the fine folks at FlurrySports to SOUND OFF, making their cases for what is the best Super Bowl food!

What is the best Super Bowl food?

Trevor Land

Pizza is the best and it isn't even close. Wings are the only close one, but as we all know, boneless wings are vastly superior to bone-in wings because it's more meat and less work. So, what happens if the party you're at orders bone-in wings? It's a complete downer. On top of that, most of the time they're cold. For pizza, even "bad pizza" is good and it can be fantastic at any temperature. There is no time pizza is bad, and wings are completely dependent on temperature and type.

So, with wings being the only competition, it's pizza by a country mile...unless it has pineapple on it. If it has pineapple on it, you need new friends.

Hunter Skoczylas

Just your typical pizza! Watching the Super Bowl without pizza is like Tom Brady without his rings. Like Aaron Rodgers without Davante Adams! It can’t NOT be there staring at you during those commercials.

Jake Sennholz

It's obviously Little Caesars pizza. Now, before you roll your eyes and scroll past my take – hear me out.

Unless you are hosting a big party (which of course is always fun) no one ever wants to do prep work on Super Bowl Sunday! You are in and out of their store in literally 10 seconds.

Though saving time is great, it is not even the biggest factor here. You can order two different kinds of pizza, crazy bread, Italian cheese bread and a myriad of sauces for like $15.

You can take that remaining $40-50 you would have spent on the same amount of food elsewhere and use it as extra gambling money. Plus, you know your pick is going to be correct because of all the extra time you saved, which allowed you to sit on the couch and assess the game deeper and more thoroughly than anyone who is running around, making food or waiting on expensive deliveries.

Janet Wilson

I would say that the best Super Bowl food is barbecue. Right off a fire grill and homemade, it adds so much more culture than ordering pizza and wings. Pizza and wings, while they gather family, they are generic. There’s something much more special about barbecuing, being able to season it just right and the mesquite smell of a fire that adds that smokey flavor. Adding sides like rice, pico de gallo, tortillas and beans, it is the best Super Bowl food!


Henry John

Is there any part of the annual Super Bowl buffet that is possible not to love??? The pizza is scrumptious (meat lovers only please!). The chips and dip are a crunchy delight and are made better by the special inclusion of pumpernickel bread. The brownie sundaes appear somewhere around the start of the fourth quarter and make for the perfect finishing touch. And don’t even get me started on the bacon-wrapped dates and bleu cheese! But of all the Super Bowl foods, the chicken wings are the king of the roost. The variety is priceless. Buffalo, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan and more.

I may be an upstate New York native, but you may be surprised to learn that Buffalo wings aren’t the best of the bunch. That distinction belongs to the mouth-watering Country Sweet wings (yes, I am known to salivate right along with my golden retriever at the sheer smell of them). If you are ever find yourself the Rochester area (East Aurora to be precise), I highly recommend making “Country Sweet Chicken and Ribs” a priority on your list of stops!

Editor's Note: Not all foods are equal. We do not live in the same fairytale as Henry! There indeed are things not to love...who brought the salad?

Kevin Schroeder

One of the biggest highlights of the Super Bowl has to be the cornucopia of delicious options available for in-game snacking. Between wings, meat and cheese trays, dips and pizza, there are a lot of great options to choose from. My personal favorite is Buffalo Chicken Dip, which is a combination of Buffalo Chicken, ranch and cream cheese. All of which have standalone value, but put them together and use a salty tortilla chip as a tool to eat them with, and you have a culinary delight.

Chris Porter

My favorite food during games? Take a block of cream cheese and a can of Hormell’s turkey chili. Microwave the cheese to make it soft, mix in the chili, then microwave it until it's hot (usually five minutes total, taking time to stir). Enjoy with Tostitos!

Zach Brunner

First off, if you're looking to be the crowd pleaser, make a dip. Everybody loves a good dip! However, when you think of Super Bowl foods, your mind typically goes to pizza and beer or wings and beer. What's the common denominator? BEER.

But Zach, beer isn't a food! Shut your ignorant mouth. Food isn't designated to chewing. Hell, you can drink foods too. Heard of soup? Do you chew mashed potatoes? Made with cereal grains, hops and yeast, beer will be the quickest way for you to carb up during the pregame and have a good time doing it! Once the fourth quarter comes around, those sweet, sweet brewskies will have given you the energy you need to go crazy, while those grease-filled plebeians are regretting their choice of best Super Bowl food.

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