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If a person loves soccer and has a good understanding of it, this hobby could be very profitable. But the supporter component often prevents one from making the right decisions. Often, fans bet on their favorite teams simply because they cannot cheer against their favorites, and the money at stake encourages them to cheer even more. Yet, this approach does not help make money. To make a profit, you have to act with a cool head. Experts from prepared a brief guide how to bet on football matches with an example of using certain betting strategy.

How to make money on sports betting?

The main thing is to choose an effective strategy . There are many of them, there is no universal solution.

Now, we are talking about a strategy that minimizes risk. Therefore, using it, you will not be able to win a large amount at once. Significant investment is required to generate substantial income. When implementing this strategy, you will need to follow only three simple rules:

  1. All bets must be placed on the team that is the favorite, and whose odds are not higher than 1.5.
  2. The opposing team’s odds must be at least twice as high as the club on which the bet is placed. If the odds are less than 3, then you don’t have to bet.
  3. If at least one of the first two requirements does not fit, then do not bet.

Of course, playing on such principles is rather cautious, but this reduces the risk of a major loss to a minimum. For example, Bayern and BATE will meet in the Champions League.

We bet on Bayern, and our winnings are almost guaranteed. Yes, it will not be too significant. But by making some such super-cautious bets, you can get a good income.

What if BATE suddenly win or draw? Everything is possible in soccer. But, it will be possible to believe in some probability of such an outcome only if coach Goncharenko returns to BATE, and Bayern go to the match unmotivated. You have to be a supporter to take into account such nuances. Hence another rule – never bet on teams about which little is known.
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How to make money betting on soccer by the Shchukin’s method

One of the safest methods is the so-called Shchukin’s strategy. It provides for bets on totals, that is, on the number of goals scored. You need to bet the entire bank once a day at odds of 1.3, you can start with 100 dollars. The account will increase many times over a month.

Let’s consider this strategy step by step. By betting 100 dollars on the first day, you win 130 dollars. The next day, bet 130 dollars and so on. However, you can reduce the risk of losing even on a bet with odds of 1.3. To do this, you need to make not one bet with odds of 1.3, but three – with odds of 1.1.

Then even one loss will not cause significant damage. However, the amount of bets will gradually increase, and it will be necessary to reduce the likelihood of losing again. To do this, you should place only Live bets on the result of the first half.

Standard systems that minimize the risk of a big loss

Besides the given special systems for soccer, you can use more general rules adopted for betting on any sport.

The simplest of them is called the Flat betting – it provides a fixed amount of each bet. Either the amount of money or a percentage of the bank is determined. And under no circumstances does this fixed amount increase.

This is quite a sensible strategy that helps not to lose out. If the binding goes to a percentage of the bank, then with its growth (as a result of winnings), the amount of bets will also increase.

It is possible to fix not the size of the bet, but the profit. That is, income should always be the same. Also, many more complex strategies minimize risks. But it is still impossible to completely exclude the probability of losing.

There is hardly an easy way to make money on soccer betting. There are no simple and perfect methods. But there are strategies to help reduce the risks. And if a player has a good understanding of soccer, then he will be all the more able to compete with bookmakers and turn his knowledge into profit.

The main thing is not to let yourself get too carried away by the excitement, but to approach the process of calculating bets as a difficult but achievable mathematical problem. A thorough analysis of the opposing soccer teams will help you with this. And then the money will come!

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