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CultivationEmployees can be compared to plants they need to be rooted in the rich soil of a supportive environment in order to develop and bloom they need to be carefully nurtured and warmed by the sun of gratitude yet all thumbs in the art of human horticulture too many leaders treat their people like cacti they expect them to thrive in arid isolated environments every company has a corporate culture whether it is intentional or not however i imagine that most businesspeople would struggle to articulate theirs in any depth culture (others prefer climate) in my opinion is a broad phrase
employees common awareness of team dynamics and how they f I t in the tribe's behavior dress look and rituals embracing the conditions and standards that characterize the office environment the collective personality and identity of the squad you know a good culture when you see it whether or not you can put your finger on what makes it great It's a place where people congregate
look forward to coming to work take pride in being a part of the team consider their coworkers friends get excited about the organization's vision gladly go above and beyond when necessary and enjoy personal satisfaction when the team succeeds feel in sync with the organization's operating values and believe their work contributes to the team's success a leader who fails to grow his organization's culture is putting his organization's culture at risk
he is at risk It's true that altering an existing culture is difficult but it is possible the stress of running a business might divert your attention away from your staff the fact that it's difficult to keep focused on their satisfaction doesn't make it any less important the faster the revolving door of turnover turns the less attention paid to people's inherent desire to offer value and feel valued (of course morale is nothing to an informed entrepreneur without a healthy bottom line) while excellent morale is beneficial to a healthy bottom line morale should not be used to justify anything for employees this can have a negative impact on the bottom line the best employees those who are productive creative and passionate won't settle for anything less than an energizing ethical workplace with a positive team atmosphere lasseter john
pixar animation studios senior vice president would agree the studio's animated blockbusters (monsters lnc a bug's life the toy story films finding nemo the Incredibles) have grossed more than $3.2 billion worldwide under his guidance as newsweek put it with such success you'd think all the other companies would have plundered pixar like an unprotected vault which technically it is since nobody outside lasseter works under contract at pixar everyone has so far stayed put a scrap of paper isn't going to keep them here lasseter argues you're looking for their heart here as a result you satisfy their creative needs.

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Think of your vision statement as a list of dreams committed to paper It’s a collection of shooting stars that inspire people to reach for the heavens not only did I share our vision with new hires, I reinforced it every quarter at regular team meetings I never missed an opportunity to plug it our people worked harder when they were excited about where we were headed more important they’d give blood when they understood how our arrival would affect them personally I saw the fire in their eyes when I’d single one of them out and say Joe how old are you going to be in ten years forty huh well if we grow 15 percent every year for ten years and turn our vision into reality how will our perfor mance incentives affect your salary what kind of opportunities do you see for yourself in a $1.7 billion company with your help and the help of everyone in this room we can make it happen people crave a clear sense of purpose (mission) but they also love to be on a winning team (vision) show them the way by painting idealistic yet reachable targets help them plug into the high voltage current of your company’s vision here’s the six part vision statement we came up with at tires plus 62 1 become a national player with $1.7 billion in revenues and eleven hundred stores by 2010 2 become the marquee tire company in the U S 3 become the number-one or number two market share leader in every market we serve while creating a fair return for our efforts 4 serve guests so well that 99 percent recommend us to family and friends 5 develop the strengths of a big company while maintaining the agility of a small one 6 provide a nurturing and healthy environment that establishes us among america’s most desirable companies to work for unlike a mission statement, you can tinker with a vision statement at the close of each year determine whether your objectives need to be modifi ed in light of unexpected events but don’t tarnish them with the rust of lower expectations unless you have a compelling reason need to update your vision statement follow the steps you took to retool your ission (chapter 8) keeping in mind two distinctions bold and fearless are the operative words shoot for the moon like JFK in a 1961 speech to congress I believe that this nation should mit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth telescope out seven to ten years peering that far requires visionary thinking and a willingness to look beyond current capabilities and market conditions.

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