Nasa avoids launch disaster, Artemis 1 to launch September 3rd

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Media Update on Status of Artemis IImage credit: NASA image and video library, with permission

The past couple years have seen some really exciting and interesting advances in space travel, and in turn there has been an increased focus in rocket launches and space tourism especially here in Central Florida. For many enthusiasts, the space coast of Florida is the hub for the space curious. The Kennedy Space Center provides an opportunity to get up close and personal with not only the programs and astronauts but also to experience a real live rocket launch!
Artemis I on the Launch PadImage credit: NASA image and video library, with permission

In case you missed it back in March of 2022, we reported on the first steps on the return to the Moon by humans with a dress rehearsal of Artemis 1, the 1st phase of a mission to bring humanity ultimately to Mars. So we were ready to go August 29th but the launch was scrubbed and now rescheduled due to engine issues.

Just this past week on August 29th, a potential disaster was averted when the launch team noticed that all four RS-25 engines did not make it down to approximately minus 420 degrees F. One of the engines reportedly had a higher temperature. In addition, they also saw a hydrogen leak which they believe they can mitigate by next launch. The next launch window is September 3rd!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of variables involved with seeing a successful launch including weather conditions, timing and the safety of the systems. We had a trip to see a launch earlier this year that ended in it being scrubbed. We are referencing the Nasa and Space X AX-1 Mission, it was highly anticipated and eventually made the trip without us being present. In order to be present for historic launches you have to make advanced plans sometimes way in advance and also be okay with it not working out for any number of reasons. That makes it really difficult for folks traveling long distances to experience that oh no vacation moment so make sure you plan for the best and worst case scenarios.

If you are unable to attend, Nasa does provide an official stream located here -
Fully-stacked views of the Artemis I SLS rocketImage credit: NASA image and video library, with permission
Artemis 1 Ascent ProfileImage credit: NASA image and video library, with permission

Are you interested in space exploration or fascinated by rocket launches in general? Be sure to download the Newsbreak APP and follow us for all the action! It is just another way to Buzz with Your Cuz and also helps us out. We will be bringing a new video and article highlighting the best places to stay for rocket launches and you will not want to miss it.

For more details on this and future launch dates we have supplied the direct link: Kennedy Space Center Launch Website

  • Artemis launch power will easily surpass the thrust of the Apollo rockets with nearly 9 million pounds of thrust!
  • The first launch of Artemis will not have any crew, and is slated to fly the Orion capsule 40,000 miles past the moon or approximately 280,000 miles from Earth. This is the furthest any human capsule will have traveled, should all go well.
  • Scheduled for May of 2024, the Artemis II launch will carry crew into orbit without a lunar landing.
  • The Artemis III is set to deliver two lucky astronauts back to the Moon sometime in 2025.
  • NASA has stated the Artemis missions will bring the first woman and person of color to the Moon; and set the stage for travel to Mars.
  • Artemis will bring new technologies to the Moon to explore more of the surface than ever before and setup a base camp.

Find more details on the program here - NASA Artemis

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