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How to get McDonald's Szechuan sauce! Limited time only

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Typically, after a weekend of fun and indulgence, many of us are ready to start the week off right with healthy eating and exercise. This is not one of those Mondays however, this is much more exciting. McDonald's has announced they are once again bringing back it's legendary Szechuan sauce! If this is not ringing a bell yet, no worries, it has been a really long time since it was first launched.

It has been roughly 24 years since McDonald's launched this sauce as a marketing promotion alongside of the Disney animated movie, Mulan. The McDonald's Szechuan sauce is a slightly spicy, tangy, teriyaki companion intended for the enhancement of chicken nuggets. For many folks, the initial sauce and it's purple and white label was not as impactful as the Mulan toys in the Happy Meals, which were very sought after at the time. The sauce was just thrown in the bags and on the trays for diners. After the Mulan promotion, the sauce quietly exited the stores to little to no fanfare. From the end of the promotion, the sauce faded into darkness, until a couple of writers shined a light back onto the product 5 years ago and immediately brought it back to life.

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In June of 2017, the Szechuan sauce legend came to life as an unlikely plotline guest on a television episode of Rick and Morty, a very dark and adult themed animated series on Cartoon Network in the Adult Swim line up. Adult Swim is comprised of cartoons with a sometimes twisted look on comedy in the late-night hours, which can be entertaining and also as luck would have it, lined up with many folks who are also McDonald's consumers. The episode brought light to a product many viewers did not know existed which led to internet discussions on if the sauce actually existed or not, and also drove viewers to tag McDonald's and sign a petition demanding their opportunity to try the sauce that Rick Sanchez, aka the smartest man in the Universe was looking to obtain one last time. In response McDonald's sent the creators of Rick and Morty a four gallon jug and later announced the return of Szechuan for a limited time and availability in October of 2017. According to an article on eater.com from July 2017, Mcdonalds sends Rick and Morty creators a bottle of Mulan Szechuan Sauce! As one may have guessed, complete chaos ensued. McDonald's decided to re-release the sauce again in 2018 with more availability but again, left many folks wanting and not receiving. With even CNBC reporting in Feb 2018 - Szechuan sauce causes riots, hopefully the 2022 version ends better.

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You have your opportunity once again, potentially this month and here is how you do it. McDonald's marketing and technology teams have gotten together so you will need to download the McDonald's App and order through it. The Szechuan sauce in its golden wrappers will only be available through the app. Is it possible McDonald's hopes you download the app and you begin ordering early and often? In my opinion, this is likely the reasoning behind the requirement of it only being available through the app. We hope customers understand this requirement before getting in line. Although it may also be possible as an inventory control to monitor it's precious cargo and where it winds up, however only McDonalds knows for sure. If you have a sauce drop question, they have a number to text and you can find it here - Sauce drop questions? In addition, McDonald's website shows by downloading the app and joining the rewards program, a free large fry awaits - McDonald’s Coupons & Deals Near Me | McDonald’s (mcdonalds.com)

McDonald's corporation, after releasing the midnight social media post announcing the return of the sauce, has been coy about where and how much will be available, but the date of 3/31 looks solid according to the McDonald's twitter account which you can find here - Official McDonalds All we know for sure is supply will be limited and you will need the app to obtain it.

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Our go to location in Orlando is the Epic McDonalds, one of the larger McDonald's at 19,000 square feet and conveniently located at 6875 Sand Lake Road at the corner of International Drive. This McDonald's has menu items that no other McDonald's provides, so we feel it is a good bet we will hit pay dirt on the Szechuan sauce sweepstakes! According to I-Drive Orlando website you can order omelets, Belgian waffles and brick oven pizzas among other goodies. Good luck and don't forget to download the Newsbreak app and follow us if you haven't already. Please let us know in the comments below if you are interested in scoring this treasured sauce or passing it up.

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