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For many of us, March 14th is just a typical Monday in the middle of the month, however at second glance there is some additional significance in the numbers and of course the play on words as well. If you are into math, you already know this is Pi day, named after the first 3 digits of math's most well known ratios 3.14 and it's a never ending number as far as we know today. Not to get technical with the details but Pi signifies the ratio of the circumferences of any circle to the diameter of that circle, regardless of the size of the circle the ratio is always 3.1415926....

The good news here is you do not have to worry about any mathematic equations or applications here. In addition (no pun intended) we found the real value of Pi and it comes in the form of pizza and desserts, perhaps with apples, pumpkin, pecan and other fruits as they are all available as pie! Naturally we went ahead and scoured the internet to come full circle on opportunities to celebrate this day with food!

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