Garth Brooks And Trisha Yearwood: Country Music Royalty

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What do you get when you put two of country music's most beloved and respected artists together? You get a storybook love-story. Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are country music royalty and their relationship has endured for almost twenty five years.

“People thought, Well, two celebrities who are in the same business, they won’t last,'” Yearwood shared with Us Weekly in 2018. “I’m invested in this family, this is what I want for myself and no offense to anything else in my past, but I get it, I get it now and this is what I want. So we just earn it. Day by day.”

“We’re both very independent people who run our own ships. And sometimes when two people are driving two big ships, it can be difficult,” Yearwood, exclusively told Us Weekly"

"She also added that in order to make their relationship work, they’re all about the scheduling. “We plan our days if we’re gonna be apart so that we can get back together as soon as possible,” the “Walkaway Joe” singer said. "The following year, the two-time Grammy Award winner said that he’s continuously learning more about his wife — something he can’t get enough of."

“I think how she inspires me is she thinks differently than me. And so it forces you out of just what you think you know, into what don’t you know, and to look over in there,” he told Us ahead of their 14-year wedding anniversary. “We’re kind of in that stage where we have discussions that are intense, a little more than usual.” She continues “I think what he’s saying is that he listens to me and I’m usually right,”

"Over the years, the pair couldn’t help but compliment each other. “I just want to be wherever she’s at. I love breathing the same air she’s breathing,” the “Long Neck Bottle” crooner told Parade magazine in 2016. In that same interview, she revealed that it’s all about really knowing each other. “I just think we’re meant to be,” the three-time Grammy Award winner said. “We have a friendship that’s a great base for all of it.” Taken from the US Magazine website.

They became engaged in 2005 when Garth Brooks proposed to Trisha Yearwood onstage amidst a crowd of 7,000 fans in Bakersfield, California. The couple have been married since December, 2005.

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