Modern Family: ABC's Longest Running Sitcom

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Were you a fan of ABC's longest-running comedy series? It was also considered one of the most popular TV shows in it's 11 seasons on air, reaching millions of homes each week during it's original run.

Modern Family still has millions of fans around the world who watch the show in syndication. Here are some fun and interesting facts about the show, that even the biggest fan may not know.

According to Movie Web "Nolan Gould plays Luke Dunphy and his character is famously not the most intelligent, and a lot of his charm lies in his naïveté and inability to grasp situations. The irony in his casting is that Gould is a genius and at only 13 years of age, he was able to graduate from high school, something that takes the average student far longer to complete. He has an IQ of 150 and is a member of Mensa, per The List, which is the largest high IQ society in the world. Clearly, he is starkly different to his on-screen character."

"Eric Stonestreet plays Cameron, who, with Modern Family, became a fan-favorite LGBTQ+ TV character; however, he revealed that his plan was not always to become an actor. Indeed, it wasn’t until he was in college that he realized acting could be something he could do when he starred in a play and received positive feedback. Before he realized acting could be an option, he wanted to be a warden at a penitentiary. If this was where he stayed, his life would have turned out very different."

"Sofia Vergara has become a huge name since her time on Modern Family, and she revealed that Ed O’Neil, who plays her husband onscreen, had been a part of her life well before they met on the show. She stated that she would watch Married…With Children, in which he starred, however, the voices were dubbed in Spanish as it was being broadcast to a Spanish audience. This caused her to believe that he spoke Spanish, and she was disappointed when she met him as this was not the case."

"Ty Burrell plays Phil, and he has revealed that his life was difficult before he made it big as an actor. He told interviewers that before he hit the big time, there was a period during which he, per USA Today, lived in a van while he attended grad school. He reflected fondly on the period as providing some of the best memories of his life. Clearly, his new life is a long way away from his old one."

"Julie Bowen plays Claire Dunphy and during her audition for the role she was pregnant with twins. She revealed that she thought this would certainly mean she wouldn’t get the role, however, they ended up casting her anyway. What's more, she was still pregnant when they shot the pilot. Her stomach was strategically hidden behind cereal boxes and other objects throughout filming."

According to January Media "Modern Family’s Creators, Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan originally wanted to call their mockumentary series “My American Family” and based many of the storylines on their own families and experiences."

And, lastly "The final episode of Modern Family in Season 11 was watched by 7.37 Million viewers in the USA and the documentary that aired alongside the finale was watched by 6.72 Million."

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