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Black Bear Was An Uninvited Guest At 2 Year Old's Birthday Party

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Black Bear crashes 2 year olds birthday party and eats cupcakesRauf Majidian

There was an uninvited guest at a backyard birthday party last week in West Hartford, Connecticut. Looking through the house window, the bear could be seen at the picnic table where the birthday party for a 2-year-old was taking place. Shockingly, the kids were sitting there only moments before. From the window you can see the bear devouring the cupcakes meant for the young party-goers.

You can watch CNN video and interview here.

This unbelievable occurrence took place on September 4th. The child's father, Rauf Majidian, along with dozens of family members and close friends were excited for his son Cyrus's 2nd birthday and enjoying the party on a quiet Sunday afternoon, when an enormous and very much uninvited guest arrived at the party.

Majidian told NBC Connecticut “We were in the backyard,” Children were running around and there was music a Disney playlist and the song “Bear Necessities" was actually playing. Guests encountered the black bear, one was being sniffed at by a bear, Majidian said. The guest ran away quickly, yelling to the rest of the group to get out of the way. Many ran into the garage, while loudly yelling “Go away, bear!” he said, but the bear remained unfazed by all the commotion.

As Majidian’s wife got into her car and honked the horn. Thankfully that scared away a second bear which was looming across the street from their home, The bear that crashed the party was unfazed and proceeded to indulge on all of the cupcakes, spewing saliva all over the children's party bags at the same time. The bear stayed for almost 20 minutes while the stunned party guests watched from inside the home. Rauf Majidian said in his Facebook post on Sunday.

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