Wild Turkeys In Connecticut, Population Grows, DEEP Asks For Residents Help

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Every town in Connecticut officially has a wild turkey population. Wildlife biologists from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection estimate the population of Wild Turkeys at 30,000 to 35,000 birds in the nutmeg state.

According to DEEP Wildlife wild turkeys prefer shady, woodland areas and tall, grassy fields, usually near forests. They live in residential areas where enough food and shade are available. Wild turkeys like acorns, so they're fond of habitat that contains oak trees and because they are omnivorous, they typically feed on nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, grass, roots, insects, small amphibians, and reptiles. Also, wild turkeys have been known to feed in pastures and farm croplands after a harvest to hoard seeds. They prefer grassy areas for safe nesting as well.

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The official website for DEEP, Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection "asks residents to keep a tally of all sightings of hen turkeys, poults (young-of-the-year), and toms from now through August 31 as part of the Wildlife Division’s Annual Wild Turkey Brood Survey. Results from this survey allow DEEP biologists to determine turkey productivity and reproductive success by estimating the average number of turkey poults per hen statewide, assess annual fluctuations in the turkey population, and evaluate recruitment of new birds into the fall population."

We know that turkeys can be attracted to bird feeders. At times, turkeys can behave aggressively towards humans, mostly where people have been feeding them or where there are heavily wooded habitats. They have indeed been known to chase after humans, though attacks and injuries can be avoided by not following behind them and giving turkeys their desired space. For more information, you can go to the WildlifeHelp website.

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