The Black Bear Population Is Exploding in Connecticut

Florence Carmela
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A Long Winter's Nap

After emerging from their long, cozy winter's nap in the late Spring, Connecticut's Black Bear population has been on the move and hungrier than ever. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is advising all residents to be very careful.

Lately we have been hearing about Black Bear sightings in Monroe and Easton but the majority of these sightings have been in Avon, Simsbury, Farmington and Bloomfield in the last two years.

Always remain on the look-out for these furry yet impetuous wild animals and do not ever approach them or try to engage in a stand-off. Black Bears will attack if they are cornered or become fearful.

If you ever come in contact with a Black Bear you should follow these suggestions:

- Be Loud
-    Keep your distance
-    Keep pets on a short leash for control
-    Keep trash cans closed
-    Take in bird feeders

Protect Yourself And Your Home

Black Bears can damage homes, your vehicles and any property, especially when they are searching for food. Black Bears also scavenge through garbage cans, will break into and demolish the inside of cabins, destroy bird feeders, and have also been known to raid camping sites.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has advised the residents of Connecticut to "be bear aware" to reduce potential risks with these large, powerful omnivores. The Black Bears are rapidly increasing in numbers and expanding their range in the state.

This increases the danger and likely-hood of more Bear sightings, if not entanglements with the public, as we now have been witnessing in the last several months, since late March. 

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