12 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You a Better Person

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We live in a time where traveling has become immensely popular. Many people don't want to be just a tourist, but they want to travel and experience a place in a way that goes beyond just visiting tourist hotspots. Nowadays a lot of people don’t want just a two week holiday, they want to travel for a few months, a year, or even longer. Quitting your job and leave everything behind can be quite scary, but it will also make you a better person! In this blog, we listed 12 reasons why traveling makes you a better person!

1. It Makes You Independent

When you leave everything behind, your family and friends, you’ll be completely by yourself. Or when you travel with a travel companion it will be just the two of you and no one else to rely on. You have to figure it all out by yourself. This might be a little hard sometimes but you’ll learn to be independent so much quicker than during a ‘normal’ lifestyle.

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2. It Will Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Traveling will definitely get you out of your comfort zone, even if you don’t plan to do so. One thing you’ll learn for sure is that plans go different, they change. You’ll get in situations you didn’t plan to get in. Sometimes these different situations are even better than you could hope for, other times they are less pleasant. But you can embrace both because these situations are part of the life experience you’ll gain, you’ll learn how to deal with it, and you’ll learn to adapt and be more resilient to sudden changes.

3. It Broadens Your World

Most places you only know from stories or the news. Some of them you’ve heard so many times, but they are so far away that you only have the image which is painted by the stories and news you’ve seen. While traveling you’ll notice that that ‘image’ is different in real life. Stories and news are only a fraction of life on the other side of the world and often based on other people's experiences and views on life. By traveling you’ll find out that those places that sounded so far away are closer than you think. It broadens your world and at the same time, it makes your world smaller because when you’ve been to the other side it feels way more accessible than when you see it on tv.

4. Better Understanding of Different Cultures

You probably have heard, read, or learned a lot about other cultures but the only way to understand them is to experience them and see them with your own eyes. You don’t always have to agree with the other cultures, but when you’ve seen it you will understand them better. In some countries they eat pork, in others, it’s strictly forbidden by their culture, and in other cultures cows are holy, in other countries they eat dogs. You’ll learn that the people doing so are also human, and although some of these things might disgust you, one thing is not much different than the other if it’s the culture you grew up in and how people are raised.

5. It Brings Life Into Perspective

Just as with the cultures described above, traveling brings perspective to life. You’ll see different cultures, lifestyles, and people. You’ll learn about better ways of living, and worse ways of living. You’ll learn that you probably worry too much about the little things, with this new perspective.


6. You’ll Learn Things You Won’t Learn in School or University

They can teach you very well, and teach you new languages, history, and geography, but you’ll learn even more if you visit the places where this history has happened in real life. You really learn a language if it’s the only way to communicate. Besides that you learn how to plan your trip, organize your ways of transport and activities, which visas you’ll need, and what insurances would be good. There is so much you’ll learn in a short time, and you’ll learn by experiencing it.

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7. Learn Other Ways of Living than You’re Used To

Did you grow up in a city or countryside? Do you live in a big house or small apartment? Is there always a shop close to you to get everything you need? No matter which way you grew up, by traveling you’ll learn other ways than which you are used to. For example, we lived for a year in a small self-converted van but also did housesits in New Zealand and Vietnam, and we stayed at homestays. There are so many different ways of living and it’s going to be a great experience to try some of them out yourself!

8. Meeting Interesting People

During your travels, you’ll meet many interesting people. Locals which can tell you all about their culture, their way of living, and the best spots to visit. But also other travelers, with other experiences and other views on life. This will also change your perspective and views on life.

9. You Can Find Your Inner Self

At home, people have expectations of you and the way you live. They might even hold you back from growing and unintentionally point you towards the common way of living and thinking. But when you can let all of that go when you are out there without anyone who has any expectations of you, you can find what you really want in life, what makes you really happy. You can find your inner self. That might sound a bit woolly, but you’ll find out what really keeps you going, and that’s the most important!


10. You Can Redefine ‘Home’

Seeing all these different places you can redefine home. You might see that there are worse places to live, and you have an awesome life. Or you might find out that the place where you used to live is not what you really want. After your travels, you’ll have a better idea of what ‘home’ means for you.

11. You Learn to Live More Minimalistic

You can only bring the things which fit in your bags or suitcase. Your whole life will be in there. Have you ever thought that you could live with a max of 30 kg of possessions? Preferably even less than 20kg because you have to carry all that stuff with you everywhere you go. After living like that for a while you’ll see that you don’t need all the things you used to have.

12. It’s a Healthy Lifestyle

While traveling you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors. Even if you are not an active person, you’ll still be way more active compared to staying at home. You’ll swim in oceans, hike through mountains, cycle through cities, walk around with your (heavy) luggage more than you could wish for, and so much more. And besides that, you are traveling in a way that makes you happy, and that’s the most important thing.

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