8 Misconceptions About Traveling You Shouldn’t Believe

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There’s a lot of misconceptions going around in the world about traveling. Travel brings with it a lot of questions, and everyone has their own ideas of what travel is and how it’s supposed to look like. After 10 years of extensively traveling, we are here to tell you that there is no right or wrong of different ideas about travel, but we have heard the same misconceptions or myths over and over again. To help unravel all the misinformation that is out there, we will explain to you the most common ones we have encountered over the years.


1. Traveling is too expensive

This is THE travel misconception we hear the most. Most people think that traveling is only for the rich people, or the people that saved tons of money. But you know what? Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive at all! We never had lots of money when we started traveling. Ok yes, for our first world trip we did have some savings which we could travel with for quite some time. But for our second world trip we couldn’t save much as we were only working between trips for a short amount of time and we left on that second trip with not a lot of money. And we still did it! How? By staying in cheap accommodation, eating street food and using cheap modes of transportation. The main thing that also made the difference for us was that we went working in Australia. This way we could travel and earn money at the same time.

But literally, there are so many opportunities to travel on a budget. Yes, it’s always best to save a bit of money beforehand but it’s easily possible to travel or even make a world trip when you only earn a minimum wage. When you travel in a smart and creative way, you can seriously live on the road for only a fraction of the cost that you would normally spend at home. Yes, traveling can sometimes be even cheaper than staying at home, especially in countries in Asia. It’s all about setting your priorities and minimalising your life. Do you really need all this luxury while traveling? Do you really need to take all this stuff with you? Go sleep in a homestay and take the local transport, and you’ll often notice that these are even the best experiences of your trip!

If you really want to travel, then there’s always a way to make it happen!

2. Traveling is dangerous

How often we have heard from people: ‘why are you going there? It’s way too dangerous!’ And ‘wow, you guys are so though for not being afraid to travel’. No, we are not afraid to travel and here’s why. Everywhere in the news you hear bad stories about travel or certain destinations. There’s always stories about pickpocketing, robberies etc. but seriously, these things can happen anywhere in the world (even at home) and we think it’s mainly bad luck when this happens. We’ve also been told many times that we shouldn’t go to a certain area only to find out those were some of the most welcoming areas we have visited. Stop watching the news and make your own wise decisions. Traveling is definitely not dangerous!

Yes, there are some countries and cities you should avoid but for the rest it’s important to just use your common sense. If you don’t feel safe in a certain place then go somewhere else. If you are afraid there will be pickpocketing, then keep a good eye on your stuff. In the end, it all comes down to using your brain and listening to your feelings. This way accidents can easily be avoided and you’ll experience that the world is a far safer place than it seems.

And now you might be wondering: ‘what’s the worst thing that happened to you while traveling?’ Well, after 10 years of travel, actually nothing happened to us! Only one pickpocketing experience and for the rest mainly losing insignificant stuff. So there you go, that’s how safe travel is!


3. Traveling isn't possible with kids

Often it might seem like the best time to travel is before having kids. It’s what society ‘expects’ from us: first make that world trip, then start a career, buy a house and then have some kids. Traveling with kids must be way too complicated and there’s always excuses to not do it. ‘my kids are too young’, ‘they are not good travelers’, they don’t sleep well in strange places’. But honestly, if you think like that, then there is never going to be a perfect time to travel with your kids. In reality, it’s definitely possible to travel together as a family. Yes, traveling with kids requires more planning and routine but the experiences you get in return are priceless.

Nowadays, there are more and more families traveling together with their kids. Some of them travel when they are still young and go live somewhere once the kids have to go to school, other families even homeschool their own kids on the road. There’s more and more possibilities to travel together with your children and it would be a shame to miss an experience like this only because you thought it was too hard to do.

4. I’m too old to travel

Too many people believe you have to be young to travel the world. ‘Traveling is way too much of a hassle at my age.’ ‘All those travel activities are not for my age anymore’. It’s a shame when people think like that because why would you be too old to travel? Travel can be exciting and amazing at any age. You are never too old to have cool experiences, try out new things, or just enjoy nature around you. Seriously, travel is for everyone!

5. Working overseas is not possible

‘How do you earn your money while traveling?’ ‘Isn’t it super hard to earn money in another country? That seems almost impossible!’ There is this idea that working abroad is a challenging process not worth the effort. Nevertheless, it must be super hard to get a job somewhere as a foreigner.

Well, for the jobs you’ll get while traveling, this is definitely not true! We speak from experience when we say that you can find a job almost everywhere, while exploring a new country at the same time. Heck, it’s even the reason why we went on our second world trip way sooner than anticipated because this way we could at least go away from our home country already.

Most people don’t realize that working overseas is an exceptionally good way to travel for a much longer time. You can save money, sometimes get free perks with your job and you are in a completely new environment that screams to be explored.

You can get a working holiday visa in countries like Australia or New Zealand, teach English, become an au pair, work on a farm or you can even volunteer in exchange for a room. Seriously, the possibilities are endless!


6. It takes a lot of courage to go on a long trip

‘Wow you guys, you really have balls for just going on such a long trip! I would never be able to do that! How can you just go?!’ People often ask us this but honestly, it takes more courage for us to stay at home that to go on a world trip. At home we feel stuck, unproductive and it’s just a really hard task for us to just stay in our own country. While when we are traveling we feel free, we feel lighter and we have the feeling we can do anything we want. And how we can just go? By just getting the plane and go! It honestly is as easy as that.

Don’t worry too much about all the things that come with travel, make sure you are well prepared for your trip and then nothing could go wrong. When you really want to travel for a long time, you just have to take the leap and you will discover why you actually don’t have to have a lot of courage!

7. A world trip is one big holiday

When someone goes on a world trip, people often think it’s gonna be a super long, big holiday. We get it, a world trip seems to be so easy and relaxing where all you do every day is having fun, watching sunsets and sipping on cocktails. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a common misconception that is hitting us close to the heart. When we are traveling full time, heck, even when we are working all the time while we travel, people think we are on a holiday. Maybe it’s because of all the beautiful photos we post on our social media, but by no means are our travels a holiday. Every day, we are busy with creating content from sunrise till sunset and then at night we do all our other work, like administration and editing photos. Don’t get us wrong, we love what we do, but it’s definitely not a holiday.

But even if you don’t work while on the road, travel can be exhausting. Especially if you are traveling at a fast pace and on a budget. Time zones, a different bed every night, seeing tons of new places in one day can all cause for stressful moments. And what to think about traveling for hours in old buses or overcrowded trains? Or all the arranging that comes with organizing a trip?

Of course there are also relaxing moments on a world trip and moments where you don’t have to think for a while and can just enjoy all the beauty around you. The ultimate feeling of freedom is where we do it all for: the fact that you can do whatever you want. But to say that traveling is only fun and relaxation: forget about it!

8. Travel insurance is overrated

Never think that a travel insurance is overrated! Maybe you wouldn’t need it at all on your trip, lucky you, but isn’t a piece of mind worth the money you pay for it? An accident can always happen. Yes, travel is safe but you can always get hurt, get an infection or some other disease, get an accident with for example a motorbike, your phone might get stolen or even your flight can be delayed. You don’t want to end up in an hospital with no way of getting home! It’s probably the last thing you need to be worrying about on your trip, so make sure that your travel insurance is arranged well!

During all our travels, we have had quite a few moments in which we were very happy that we got our travel insurance. We lost a few things and broke our camera, which we could all claim to our insurance. Manon had to go to a doctor several times and even ended up in hospital. And trust us, you don’t want to have to pay that bill yourself!

With all these misconceptions out of the way, there for sure isn’t anything holding you back from travel anymore right?! So go ahead and book that trip!


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