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Traveling can be so much more fun if you have a travel partner. Someone who will experience the same thing, someone with who you can look back on your adventures with, and someone who will totally get what you’re talking about because he or she was there with you. Together you can support each other and share the fun and adventure. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or your partner, it's good to have someone with you.

But traveling together also means you will be together almost 24/7 which can get a bit intense, especially if you are traveling long term. People often start to get irritated after (less than) 10 days of being together full time. So to make sure you will get the best out of your travels together, and to avoid these irritations, we have 10 tips for you based on our own experiences. We traveled full time for over 5 years in total, including living in a 3,5 square meter van for 2 years, and we are still going! So no worries, keep reading and you’ll be fine!


1. Align Your Expectations

Before you start traveling together it’s very important to know each other’s expectations. Are you going to party every day, or is it going to be a culture trip? Do you want to relax on the beach, or do you want to be active and adventurous? Every traveler is different, and there is no ‘right way’ to travel, except for the way that you like it! But you’re in this together so it’s very important to know what both of your expectations are. If you are a relaxing type traveling together with someone really active you should definitely know this before starting your trip! You can align these expectations and find ways to make sure you both have a great time!

2. Get Comfortable With Each Other

You are about to spend a lot of time together, and you are going to see, hear, smell, and know things from each other which are not always the things you want to see. Therefore it’s really important to get comfortable together. Are you ok with getting so close with each other that it might sometimes be a little bit too close? Are you going to travel for a long time? Then it might be good to spend some time together before you go, like a trial run. This way you already know a bit what you’re in for.


3. Talk to Each Other

This is probably the most important tip. Good communication saves friendships and marriages! Do not only share the fun stuff but also talk about your feelings. It’s important to make some agreements and split the duties (like washing and cooking and such), and although you probably don’t want a complete chores schedule, you need to talk about this. When there are some slight irritations you can talk it out, otherwise, you’ll only get more annoyed every time these things happen.

A little side note though: Ask yourself if it’s worth being annoyed by the things that annoy you. This might sound weird, but sometimes people just annoy their selves with stuff that doesn’t even matter. Put it in perspective and act upon that.

4. Get Some Alone Time

Yes, you are on a trip TOGETHER, but that doesn’t mean you have to be glued to each other all day every day. Everyone needs some alone time now and then, so make sure to give that to each other when you need it. You know best how much alone time you need. Sometimes reading a book somewhere by yourself is already enough. Or maybe one of you might want to hang out with other people while the other stay’s in. It’s totally fine! You don’t need to go everywhere you go together, there is no shame in splitting up once in a while. When one of you wants to have an active day while the other one is in some desperate need of soaking up the sun on the beach you can always split up and join each other again afterward. Alone time can really reduce irritations.

5. Bring Snacks!

You can turn into a real diva when you’re hungry! So always bring some snacks to avoid getting hangry. Somehow irritations get way worse when you are hungry. Some people can get really annoyed by everything and should be totally left alone in times of hangriness. So feed him or her some snacks and everybody is happy again!


6. Socialize With Others

Some people are totally fine just being with the two of you, but many people like to socialize with others as well. Especially if these other people share the same interest as you have, and there is a big chance of that since you traveled to the same place after all! Personally, we love to meet with others to share amazing travel stories and tips, or just to hang out for a little.

7. Treat Yourselves With Some Awesome Activities

Even if you travel on a budget, sometimes you just have to treat yourselves! Is there something you have always wanted to do? Just do it! It is a chance of a lifetime to do the things you really want to do. Or even some simple things might already feel like a real treat! A massage or a visit to a spa. A (romantic) sunset or a campfire underneath a sky full of stars. Traveling is all about doing the things you love, don’t ever forget that!

8. Create a Playlist Together

Create a playlist together and make sure to download it to your phones so you can also listen to it where the Wi-Fi is weak. Music can really make great moments even better especially if you can scream (or sing) along! And if you might not be into the same music you can always bring some headphones. Just make sure you sing louder than your travel partner!


9. Capture These Amazing Moments

You are going to create a lot of beautiful memories together. You are probably going to look back on your adventures for the rest of your lives. You might feel you don’t need many photos because you want to live the moments, but photos can really make you relive these moments afterward. Don’t forget to take many snaps during your trip, you’ll not regard it.

10. Just Go for It

You can prepare for a trip as much as you want, but nothing ever goes exactly like you planned or imagined it. So just go for it! Go with the flow and enjoy every single moment. It’s all an adventure, not only the many good things but also the few bad ones. Things are better when you’re together and if you both have a positive mindset you’ll be fine for sure!


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