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Obesity is now being called an epidemic in the health community. Because obesity is linked to several serious health problems, it is important for individuals to maintain a healthy weight. Losing weight and keeping it off, however, can be difficult. This book looks at ways of losing weight safely and effectively, and ways to keep it off. The main areas covered are diet and exercise. This book also looks at some of the newest fad diets in an attempt to warn consumers away from these weight-loss scams.

Did you know that obesity is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States? If you’re not already worried about your weight, you should be. Not only can it cause a number of health problems, including type two diabetes and heart disease, but it can also lead to a decrease in your quality of life. We understand that losing weight is hard, but we’ve got some tips that can help make it easier.

Overweight or obesity is a major health problem for a large percentage of the population and this has been confirmed by various studies done in recent years. Obesity leads to various cardiac problems, diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, and even an increased risk of cancer. So to overcome these issues you need to lose weight by

following diet and exercise.

Being overweight can lead to some major health issues. It can put you at an increased risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. It can also lower your energy level, which leaves less energy to live your day-to-day life, let alone work out. So, how do you lose weight? You may want to start with a well-balanced diet and structured exercise plan.

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