These U.S. national parks offer special features that go beyond just their visual beauty


We all need a little peace and quiet to calm our minds and bodies. It certainly is difficult these days to achieve a relaxed peaceful environment. Together with all the noise pollution, population growth, and technology, it is very challenging in today’s world to achieve these simple yet healthy goals. So, I have ventured out a lot in recent years to compile these awesome national parks and places of nature that are perfect settings that may help to calm the mind and body.
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You will find some of the world’s most beautiful diverse landscapes and natural environments located in national park land regions. These landscapes are not only full of beauty and nature, but they have other intangible features that can touch your soul and positively influence your mind!

These national parks offer a calming quality with every visit.

Grand Canyon National Park

When not in the spots with the massive crowds, this park is amazing and special. Grand Canyon National Park is not only visually but emotionally addictive. The hiking trails are both challenging and rewarding. Havasupai Falls is an incredible hiking trail and I felt incredibly humbled while on my hike here and that it was truly a remarkable experience. To finish this hike all in one day definitely tested my mental and physical abilities.

I have heard in recent years it has been taken over by folks who do not respect the trail and landscapes here. Lots of trash and loud music is an abundance here now with all the social media folks coming here for the wrong reasons. I took very few photos at the time we hiked on this trail. I completely indulged myself in this environment. I focused on observing the blue sky, the sandstone rocks, the mules riding by carrying supplies, and other hikers. I felt such an appreciation to be there in that exact moment. I enjoyed experiencing the silence of the desert and the slow warm breezes.

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Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park is full of history and a desert jewel. The scenic views and serenity of the vast landscapes full of saguaro cacti are simply spectacular. The park is very spread out and is comprised of two different areas that are separated by about 33 miles apart. We spent most of our time in the east section of the park. This park consists of approximately 92,000 acres of desert landscapes and endless saguaro cactus!
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Badlands National Park

These lands are some of the most desolate and isolated lands you can find. However, don’t be fooled by these peaceful calm looking prairie lands in the state of South Dakota. The prairie can be sometimes harsh from the burning sun and the dry high winds, the plants and trees can literally dry up and blow away. But if you are looking to escape any mass crowds and traffic, you should have no problem finding peace and solemn in this historical park known as the land of fossils.

Other places of nature to find quiet calm inspiration.

Sedona, Arizona

The silence of the desert combined with the stunning beauty of the red cliffs and canyons, this nature landscape will take your breath away! Known to be the home of the energy vortex, you will find these dust infused red-orange sunsets, smoldering red rock canyons, and blue skies with puffy white clouds for a wall hanging art piece like no other! Not only is this setting visually pleasing, it will also take hold of your soul. This is a place to let go of your mind completely, relax and breathe! When exploring this nature setting, you can open your mind and heart, be calm, and just soak in the here and now. This desert environment, allows you to simply be in the moment, at that time and place. Exploring and hiking in Sedona is extraordinary indeed!
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Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

Several parks and preserves in Florida can be described as havens for wildlife as well as plant life. There is an added effort to preserve even noise and keep these places as quiet as possible. So many parks even extend efforts to minimize light as well as noise pollution. While strolling on the boardwalk down the tree tunnels in this park, you almost feel like you are in the rain forests the jungles. You can hear how happy the birds are as they sing loud and clear throughout the park!
Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve FloridaFitLifeandTravel

These are only a handful of places that can help bring calm and quiet to the mind and body. Visiting these places can not only improve your overall physical health, but mental health as well. I have traveled to more than 20 national parks so far, and have several more to go. With every visit, I find a new appreciation for life, nature, and a healthy body and mind.

I want to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate each of you as well. Thank you for all the support and for coming along the journey of adventure and healthy living! Please be sure to follow and subscribe here as well as my blog and social media pages for more inspiring adventures and travel stories!

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