Salumi Artisan Cured Meats

We stopped in for two sandwiches and one was really good and one was not so good! The cubana sandwich was really good but the meatball sandwich left a lot to be desired! Both were fresh and quality items and the service was good! The bread was really good on both sandwiches! Maybe if they dug out some of the inside before filling the sandwich, that would solve it. Otherwise, prices are reasonable for a good amount of filling. I'd recommend going more for their cured meats instead of the porchetta. While it was tender, it lacked flavor that the cured meats carried. The original salami was tasty and I'll be back to get more. The staff also didn't acknowledge me the entire time I was there, even though 3 of them made eye contact and looked away. But, with a few tweaks, and a little re-socialization training, and I think this could be a regular spot.

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