Un Bien - got myself a blanket to sleep after this scrumptious meal

The combination of flavors and textures of Un Bien's sandwiches are divine! The location that my friends and I went to was on 15th Ave NW in Ballard, located across of Sazon Kitchen. There's also a waterfront location. Only street parking around the area, no lot to park at. There's also a small seating area for customers with a water jug available. The product is so superior. That carribean roast pork sandwich is just in it's own league. The sandwich was about half a foot long, cut into two. The smell of the sandwich was intoxicating.The juicy pork, thick caramelized onions, the spread, butter lettuce, on a toasted bread. It was just so amazing. I thought I wouldn't be able to finish the sandwich with my small stomach, but I basically inhaled that meal.This has to be on everyones must visit places in Seattle. I can't wait to come back again to fulfill my cravings.

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