Carkeek Park- Exploring parks whilst gazing at all the natures beauty is time never wasted

The Seattle area offers so many beautiful coastline parks along the Puget Sound with this one being one of the best. There are short easy trails, my suggestion is to start counterclockwise. Make your way to the bluff trail so you end up with the water views while heading downhill toward the beach. There is quite a bit of parking which is unusual but probably gets rather full . The trains make for a cool surprise and some of them stretch all the way down the coast! Trees were a plenty here - Douglas fir, western red cedar, hemlock and much more. We passed Piper's Creek and kept our eyes out for salmon but didn't see any. Then we made our way down to the water where if you're lucky you may see a seal pup! We didn't see any though but it was fun to cross the metal bridge right as a train was passing by. The views and scenery make this park worth the journey.

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