What Bass Look Like on Your Graph! Ledge Fishing!

Do you know what Bass look like on your graphs and depth finders! It is important to know what you are looking at when you are fishing out deep! Bass show up are rounder blobs on your graphs, and they are easy to distinguish once you get a feel for it! I show you what they look like here while out ledge fishing with my wife and mom! We caught some good ones and multiple doubles before my Ultrex broke! I hope you enjoyed! God bless!

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I STRIVE to bring you the best fishing content with multiple uploads per week! Join my adventures that will help educate you on what I know about fishing, and let's catch some monsters together! I typically fish for bass, but will fish for all species throughout the year, even ice fishing for crappie and bluegill! I love interacting with my viewers, so please comment and share my videos as you please! I am a professional bass fisherman in the FLW Costa series, as well as an avid anything and everything angler! God bless! Psalm 55:22 "Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you"

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