Colorado Front Range Fishing Conditions Report for the Week of March 6th 2022

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The following conditions were reported for the following lakes on

Chatfield Reservoir

Trailerman (3/6/22): "Well it’s about over for ice season. Could not find anywhere to get on the ice. There were some groups out but I would guess they are gonna get wet on the way off. You can maybe get on with a long board but I didn’t come prepared."

Waneka Lake

Killerfisher (3/7/22): "The edges are become very soft and there is a open spot in the middle of the lake. Water fowl inhabitant has become less but a few are still coming through. Please be mindful and do not let your dogs and kids on the ice."

Sloan Lake

Bron (3/7/22): "Whole lake is open except a little skim ice on the south shore and SW corner."

Prewitt Reservoir

GoNe_FiShin_11 (3/7/22): "Dropped by Prewitt. Lake is about 1/2 open half froze still. Though froze ice is not good. North east half open and south of boat ramp is open. Rest is still froze. Inlet is running about half ditch or so."

Gross Reservoir

Panguitch (3/7/22): "With the exception of some of the wind-blown areas, Gross is pretty well iced-over. Got the following report from an ice fisherman near the boat ramp: "Fished a few hundred yards from the boat ramp in 80 ft. of water. 16-18" Lakers and a few splake. Bite was good. Had a tiger musky trying to steal our fish on the way up. 5 inches of clear ice."

Erie Lake

Wreckstar (3/7/22) "Open water. Almost the entire lake is open with a few spots with skim ice around the south shoreline."

Ehrlich Lake

JohnnyRingo06 (3/7/22): "Ice is clearing despite “winter storm” over the weekend. The majority of open water is near the dock, but you’d have to fight the geese for the spot. I had been checking the lake daily and it was a surprisingly short few days between when the ice was mostly solid (the lake is aerated) and when there was a fishable spot from the shore. Won’t be long before it’s fully open."

Cherry Creek Reservoir

Shigshwa (3/7/22): "Ice about 4 inches at mountain loop, no sign of weak ice yet. Fished about 9 ft of water around 7-8 AM and marked a handful of fish passing by, but none were interested in the jigging rap. Noted a strange cluster that looked like baitfish, but unsure if baitfish will be this shallow this time of year."

Boyd Lake

BDF_Beats_GDW (3/12/22): "Fished 9 - 2 today around the jet ski ramp. Ice still good solid 10 - 11", but when we left it was getting slushy and all the snow was melted from the shore. Shore was very muddy. Pretty slow caught a few trout and 1 small white bass. With the up coming weather forecast I don't know how long the ice will last."

Aurora Reservoir

AsianRedneck (3/10/22): "Fished from 9am-1130am in 19'-22' of water off the fishing pier and playground area. The edge looked like it had melted last week and refroze over the weekend. Didnt get a measurement of the edges, but ice was 8-10" thick where I was fishing. Edges looked to be thinner from last weeks' warm temperatures and refrozen in the last couple of days. Caught 15+ rainbows all through the column. Was just using small jig heads and soft plastics. They were feeding super aggressively, hitting on the drop right after I unhooked a fish several times."

St. Vrain State Park (Barbour Ponds):

hunter creek (3/11/22): "Basically unfishable at this time. The ice is too thin to venture out on and there is very little open water .Maybe next week, with the warm weather of the next few days, fishing from shore will be possible. The ice season is over at St. Vrain!"
A Brown Trout Caught on the St. Vrain Creek in Longmont ColoradoLance Cayko

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