Boat incident: We almost hit two kayakers.

Dear two fellow Kayakers, On Sunday 11/14/2021, my friend Troy and I (Thuy) went crabbing in Half Moon Bay. As we headed South of the harbor, my friend Troy was driving the boat and the sun was directly hitting the water and reflexed into his eye and he did not see the two kayakers were directly in his path. I was seating facing the back of the motor. We suddenly heard someone yelling and Troy saw the two kayakers and made a sharp turn to the left to avoid the collision at the last moment. We barely missed the two kayakers by 10 or 20 feet. We immediately turned around to talk to them to make sure they were ok. We took full responsibility for the incident. We were 100% at fault and we apologize for the incident. We can undo what happened and will we from now on be very careful and will look out for kayakers. We very much appreciate both of you for accepting our sincere apologies.

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