What happens when an 20.0 Earthquake Strikes?

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For example, an underground detonation of a one-megaton nuclear bomb will cause a magnitude 6 earthquake when the magnitude is increased by 1. An earthquake's energy is increased by 32 times, but can a massive earthquake create a black hole?

What if we take five cities, New York, Berlin, Moscow, Tehran, and Madrid, and see which one can survive the maximum magnitude and make it all the way to the earthquake that will destroy the earth?

What is the maximum magnitude in theory? Magnitude 46 would release energy a thousand times the mass of the observable universe. This would be enough to reverse its expansion. At some point, galaxies will change their trajectory and head towards the center of the universe. At some point, the big bang will happen only in reverse.

The entire universe, including the earth and us, will just stop existing. A magnitude 46 will turn the whole shebang into a huge black hole. Scientists don't know if anything can cause such a magnitude in space.

Most likely, it's impossible, and that's a good thing. [Music]However what causes earthquakes on earth? The earth's crust. The outer layer of our planet is not an integral membrane. It consists of lithospheric plates that don't remain static.

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Deep inside the earth, magma is heated, which then rises and collides with the earth's crust. Magmaflows set the lithospheric plates in motion. When one plate collides with another, the energy from that collision causes the fluctuations that we call an earthquake. Let's see what will happen to cities in a minimum magnitude earthquake.

Residents of panel-built houses in Berlin can hear a terrifying crackling sound and panic-stricken residents run out into the streets in Moscow. Church bells start tolling on their own in Tehran, but magnitudes between 5 and 5.9 will have no serious consequences.

What magnitude does it take to destroy an entire galaxy? If we take the amount of energy equivalent to magnitude 36, we will get a supermassive black hole with the same mass as the milky way.

If it meets another galaxy along the way, that galaxy will be torn apart, then we'll see stars and planets warping and stretching over the black hole event horizon. The radiation coming from the black hole at that point will disperse the galactic gas clouds. Eventually, the entire second galaxy will be consumed without a trace.

However let's get back to earth and see what earthquake magnitude can cause the first serious destruction after an earthquake with a magnitude of between 6 and 6.9 In New York, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the Flat Iron Building begin to crumble in New York.

The four towers of the cuatro tourist business area of Madrid have started cracking too. St. Francis Cathedral is falling apart right in front of tourists.

The Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin won't survive this earthquake, neither will the area in which it's located in Moscow. Czeramuski and other residential areas are collapsing. Their residents are now cut off from the city center. The subway is flooded by the Moscow River.

Meanwhile, in Tehran, almost nothing happened. Several cracks appeared in the city's main university building. The earthquake with a magnitude of between 6 and 6.9 will cause the first serious destruction. We already know the magnitude that can destroy the universe and the galaxy, and destroy the sun, it's enough to reach magnitude 25.

If this happens, energy will be released in the amount of 10 to the power of 35 megatons of TNT equivalent, which is the same amount released before a supernova explosion. The sun will grow to the point where it consumes Mercury, Venus, and possibly Earth, after which it will lose its shell, leaving only the core of a white dwarf star when the nucleus accumulates enough mass.

Explosions will occur equivalent to magnitude 25. It's terrifying to imagine what would happen to the earth in an earthquake of that magnitude. Fortunately, an earthquake's force is limited on our planet. It depends on the length of the fracture between the lithospheric plates and the plates' ability to store built-up energy from a collision.

Therefore, the maximum possible magnitude of an earthquake on earth is 9.5, but even a much smaller magnitude is enough to destroy cities on our planet. All of New York's brick buildings, including Brooklyn Heights, are falling into ruins.

The famous Brooklyn Bridge collapsed, broken in half. Subway tunnels are being filled with debris from collapsed roofs. People trying to leave the city by car can't control them due to violent tremors in the capital of Russia. Moscow's skyscrapers are being demolished.

The city divides into two parts in Tehran. The Azadi Tower falls, the most earthquake resistant building in the city and the international Tower can't withstand the tremors of such a force and splits in half. Madrid and Berlin are no longer on the map. They couldn't survive a magnitude 8.9 earthquake. We have three cities left. Which one of them will survive the most powerful earthquake on the planet? 9.5?

All the buildings on New York's mainland are completely destroyed, and Manhattan sinks into the water like Moscow. The other half of Russia's capital will melt into boiling magma beneath the earth's crust in Tehran.

In this battle, Tehran turned out to be the most prepared. [Musique]There will be survivors in the city who will be able to witness the last earthquake on Earth. Imagine going outside and seeing high-rise buildings collapse in seconds.

Trees are wrenched from the ground and tossed like salad cars many meters into the air. What's going on? You're witnessing the earthquake that will destroy the earth.

Its magnitude is 19.As you watch as the fractures on the earth are growing larger and deeper, your planet is literally being torn apart. Instead of the earth's fragments and space debris orbiting the sun, the maximum earthquake that can occur on our planet is half the magnitude that's fatal for us.

But what if people accidentally rocked the earth just a little too much at the FIFA World Cup final in 2018? Fans in Mexico were so excited about their team's victory that they jumped to such an extent that seismographs What will happen if the entire world population gathers in one location and jumps simultaneously? Comment with your thoughts.

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