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They're the biggest snakes on Earth, wandering the Amazon. They've eaten goats, deer, and even crocodiles. So what might occur if a boa constrictor attempted to eat you? In all honesty, in 2014 somebody was really idiotic enough to endeavor this.

He was wearing a huge, massive suit shrouded in pig blood. The boa constrictor labored for 60 minutes, folding its mouth over the top of the suit, yet it was at last unsuccessful in gulping down the human.

On the off chance that it had been successful, how might a boa constrictor have the option to eat a regular grown-up? So you end up being meandering in the Amazon rainforest and coincidentally find one of these monster boa constrictors. Green boa constrictors grow up to 9 m long (30 ft) and can weigh as much as 225 kg (500 lbs).

You may think you'd be a delicious feast to them, as a little dinner for a boa constrictor is around 18 kg (40 lbs). If they somehow happened to eat you up, it would keep them fulfilled for quite a long time! Yet, a feast more than 45 kg (100 lbs), like you probably won't be what a boa constrictor is generally intrigued by.
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Because of how huge you are, also being taller and more extensive than most creatures it eats, you would take too long to even consider devouring. This thus would leave the boa constrictor powerless against hunters for quite a long time, if not months, until it completes the process of processing you. Yet, suppose it needed to eat you. What might happen then, at that point?

All things considered, before a boa constrictor swallows you, it would kill you first. A boa constrictor is a constrictor snake, and it kills by folding its body all around its prey and rapidly killing them with more than 9,000 pounds of strain. It would be a beautiful speedy end for you, yet we realize that is not the way this functions. Thus, how about we expect you to endure this, and we will see the whole cycle. The boa constrictor would then extend its jaw to gulp down you.

You will not need to stress over it biting you up into small amounts since it just has teeth utilized for holding its prey. What's more, fortunately, rather than different snakes, the boa constrictor isn't venomous, so its teeth will not harm and deaden you.

However, something you will discover in the boa constrictor's mouth is tons of spit. Better believe it, this will be utilized to dampen you, You know, so it's simpler for the boa constrictor to slide you down their neck. So presently you're dropping down the snake's throat.

Similarly, as with numerous different creatures, the muscles in the throat will push you down the snake's body. The boa constrictor additionally can move and twist its ribs to crush you significantly further and push you down into its stomach.

Alright presently, you're in the boa constrictor's stomach. Relax, we're actually keeping you alive. You know, to make this better time. The boa constrictor's stomach delivers amazing acids and stomach catalysts that will disintegrate your skin, and afterward, ultimately, your bones. How quickly do these acids function, precisely?

Indeed, a boa constrictor once disintegrated a croc's skin in only three days. So your soft and meaty skin would vanish before long. Your body would separate considerably further as you travel through the snake's small digestive tract. That is because the liver and pancreas emitting significantly more grounded compounds.

Everything but your hair and your nails would be processed now. What's more, regardless of whether you were wearing some mystical suit that shielded you from the corrosive and all the other things, it would in any case be a long time before you were inelegantly crapped out. Along these lines, it's probably you'd starve.

Despite the fact that something like this is unbelievably impossible, simply let boa constrictors be. All things considered, they aren't keen on eating you by and large, as you're simply too huge.

They're truly attempting to safeguard themselves. Furthermore, you'd pass on basically right away in the event that you attempted to screw with one of these things.

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