Opinion: My friend thought she liked him, but it was just her friendly nature.

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*This is a work of non-fiction based on an actual event told to me by my friend. He experienced this first-hand and used this with permission.

Did this happen to you when someone became a close friend and began to look after you, and you began to fantasize about them?

This also happened to one of my friends.

He told me that he met her through their common friend. They were both studying at the same school when they were kids, and when they were in 7th grade, he had a crush on her.

After one year, he changed schools, and there was no contact left. After a long time, after almost 15 years, they met through their common friends. And as he had a crush on her, he tried to become her friend.

They started talking with each other via phone calls and chatting via Instagram. After almost 6 months, they were good friends. She was caring for him. She was so friendly.

He told me that she cared for him like a wife. asking about dinner or lunch every day, good morning messages, etc.

He started to think that she was in love with him. and started imagining a good and beautiful future life with her.

But recently, before 2 weeks, he proposed to her that he liked her very much, and he told me that he was damn sure that she would say yes, but she said no. She declined his proposal, and when my friend inquired, "Why do you care about me?" she replied, "It's just my friendly nature."

He got disappointed, and he said that he couldn't understand why she declined his proposal and why she didn't have a crush on him.

So I told him that maybe he misinterpreted everything. It might not be because she didn't like him, but just because of her friendly nature, she cares about people without any intention.

I think sometimes we interpret something wrong because we're desperate for a good result.

Maybe it's better to be natural. You will know your feelings that you never thought of when you're not desperate.

I hope this article helps you. Thanks for reading. See you next time!

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