My father stopped eating nonveg after he found out that my mother was a vegetarian.

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on an actual event told to me by my father, who had experienced this first hand; used with permission.

Just imagine that you have an arranged marriage and after you come to know that your wife is a pure vegetarian. What would you do if you had to give up eating your favorite chicken?

The same thing happened to my father 30 years ago when he got married to my mother. With each passing year, he became more and more religious and started following the teachings of my mother's religion.

My father had stopped eating nonveg after he knew that my mother was a vegetarian.

I don't know if my father was eating non-veg outside the house with his friends, but he never tried it in the house after he knew that my mother was a pure vegetarian.

Don't think that my father just left the chicken. There was a long argument between my mother and father, but like every time, my mother won the argument. My father knew that he had to stop eating non-veg to be close to my mother.

At least this is a good example of managing relationships. It's very hard to get close to each other after arranging a marriage, but my father tried everything to get close to my mother. Today they fight about small things, but they love each other.

This is why I am impressed by my father's decision because he has chosen to be with my mother.

Hopefully, I will also be a good husband, but I will never have an arranged marriage. Even if I have to marry someone, I will at least ask what she eats. Right now, I have a crush. She, like my mother, is a strict vegetarian.

My mother is an excellent cook. My mother knew all sorts of vegetarian dishes, and my father loved them. He even helped my mother in the kitchen cook healthy food for us.

Just imagine that your husband would help you in the kitchen! That is what happened in our house because my father was very supportive of my mother's efforts. But they still fight for small things.

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