My crush wants to do a podcast with me, but why me?

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** This is a work of nonfiction based on an actual event I experienced firsthand; used with permission.

On a recent day, my crush and I were hanging out. we talked about the idea of doing a podcast together to tell their friends' love and breakup stories.

The idea behind it is that people want to be heard, so it would be nice for people who have had their hearts broken or who have just been on a great first date with someone they've never seen before, etc., to have someone listen actively and care about what they're going through.

We started talking about how we could do it, and I told her that I had been podcasting before, but I hadn't been doing it full-time with college. We're still in the process of creating a website and all that, but...

I asked my crush what we should call the podcast. She told me that she'd been thinking of this before and had come up with a name for it that I love. She suggested calling it one name (I will not share it here because I am not advertising here).

The idea is just about someone trying to find their place in the world and relationships with other people.

My crush and I are not sure exactly when we will begin. She has a lot of friends, and I do too, so we'll just see what comes to us.

We're going to have fun, though. This is an idea that I have never done, so it's fascinating to be doing it with my crush.

The main reason we want to do this is that my crush and I know some lonely people these days who haven't found true love yet.

There are so many people out there looking for someone special to be their forever love, so I think it would be nice to hear the stories of other people who have had a similar experience.

We want to spread the word and encourage people going through this. We would also like to have fun with it.

And we're very excited about getting into production!

Now I have one question: why does my crush want to do a podcast with me? Is there any chance she likes me or something since I don't know what she thinks about me yet?

I just want to be open and honest about how this will work out with her.

What do you think about the idea? Do you have any ideas or anything that we could use? How are we going to do this?

My crush will be my co-host and the first guest. one of the things I like is that my crush is a tireless person with a lot of energy. She's very connected to life.

She is very interested in writing (but not on blogs). my crush is kind, honest, and generally happy. She's always willing to help other people.

The main thing that we should get across in the podcast is that it should be fun and happy to make listeners feel better about themselves when they hear the stories of others' experiences with love.

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