Opinion: I met a girl who gave me a band-aid and I never forgot her.

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** This is the work of nonfiction based on personal experience; used with permission.

In this blog post, I hope to enlighten you on how an act of kindness can impact the world. This article aims to illustrate all the ways that small actions can have huge impacts, starting with one small act that left an impression on someone for life, me.

I once met a girl who gave me a band-aid on the playground when I was in elementary school. I had climbed the large metal bars that connected the monkey bars to slide and fell off in the process. All my classmates ran to me, making sure that I was okay.

One of my friends, Muffin (not her real name), said she would get me a band-aid because she knew where to find one. Her mother was also a teacher at our school, so she had easy access to medical supplies. Muffin brought me one emergency band-aid that her mother had in her purse, and I snapped it on my arm to stop the bleeding.

At the moment, I had a single thought in my head: "I met a girl who gave me a band-aid."

It was a simple gesture that she took an interest in my well-being. She seemed concerned about me and helped me to feel better.

This was the first time a girl had cared about me. This one girl turned my world upside down, and she made a lasting impression on me. I have remembered this moment for 10 years now, and I have never forgotten it.

You might be asking yourself, "What makes that girl so special?"

She was simply a random girl who just happened to help me in the best way she could, as a friend would. But over the years, I started to think about how amazing it was that she cared about me enough to help in this way.

I realized that many things happen in our lives that we forget or do not pay attention to. We no longer think about the people who were nice to us like in elementary school because life is busy, and we are so guarded against those who stand out. People do things every day for no reason, and it can make us insensitive.

I want to bring back the importance of remembering people based on their good deeds. I want all of us to sit and think about one person in our life who changed how we look at people and how we treat others. This can affect how you interact with people. This can also affect how you look at the world.

If we all remembered one person, who could impact the world for what they have done in our lives, maybe that would make the world a better place. This is why I am choosing to write this post. Even if only one person remembers an act of kindness that happened to them and acts on it, the world will be a happier place because of it. This is my goal with this article.

If you are thinking about the person who was nice to you, remember to thank them or pay them back in some way (maybe by thanking them). This makes the world a better place, and it will impact your life for the better.

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