Opinion: My girlfriend wants me to be a responsible man.

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This was the most dramatic thing my girlfriend had ever said to me. She told me she wanted me to be responsible and the kind of man she could rely on.

My heart sank. All the feelings that I thought would never happen again and all those stupid, childish mistakes did happen again now, but this time it was different, especially because of how different my girlfriend is.

The way I feel about her makes everything seem easier in a way. She doesn't make me happy; she makes me calm. There's no tension in our relationship, and it's comfortable and nice. She knows the kind of man she wants, and I know that my girlfriend is much better than any girl I've ever known before.

I'm not trying to be a man who favors only one thing, but at this moment, she's the one that matters to me more than anything else in the world. I do not feel like committing to a boring relationship with the same excuses and old promises.

She doesn't want me to be in love with her because she's tired of the childishness; she wants to love me when I'm a better man. I wanted her to know that I was sorry for being a fool and hurting us both while only trying to make it work.

I thought about it for a long time, but I realized that the type of relationship that we had wasn't the kind of relationship she was aiming for. It's a different kind of love. I think what she truly deserves is the kind of love that makes her happy and would make me happy too if I could stop thinking about those stupid mistakes and stupid feelings.

It's easy to be in love with someone, but it's something else to be in love with her. I did not understand that. I'm still a romantic guy, but my definition of romance has changed. When I think about being in love, it doesn't have to be dramatic; it's what you feel inside, the way she makes me want to be better, and the kind of man who would make her happy.

If I could give up on myself that day, then as she said, "I want to fall in love with him. Not the person I used to be before but someone better. Someone who will remember that she's an angel and not a devil."

My girlfriend is no angel girl, but I'm willing to give her that time. I have this feeling that she needs me because it is easy to lose the feeling when we're in pain. My feelings for my girlfriend were the same feelings we used to have, pure love, and I think that's what we need now more than anything else.

I'm going to make her happy, but it's a different kind of happiness. I'm going to be a better and more responsible man. I'm not a boy anymore, and I want my girlfriend to know that and feel that way. If she still doesn't feel the same thing towards me, so be it. It is not my fault, I did everything for her because I can't let go of those feelings anymore, and she cannot let go of those either, but we still want something more than just to be in love.

The time has come for me to get rid of the feelings that are holding her back and mine. I want us both to be happy, if not in love, then at least able to let go of the past and move on. I know we can do this because we're both mature enough to know what we need and what we don't need.

I'm going to be responsible for us both, but that doesn't mean I will stop loving her until she decides she's ready for the same thing. Maybe I didn't love her in the past, but I can do that now. I'm not going to make the same mistake again by being too dependent or needy on her or depending on the relationship she doesn't know about because if she doesn't want me, then I need to let it go for her sake and my own.

This is what my girlfriend told me. She wants me to be a responsible man, not a crazy lover. She wants me to be able to take care of her just as much as she wants me to, but she also wants me to have the same feelings for her. She told me she didn't want a boring relationship and the same old promises, but my interest didn't waver in what she said.

I'm willing to make all of this happen not just because of how important her love is now but also because I want to know that I did everything I could for her. She deserves more than me as a man, and I want to stop thinking about me and everything but her.

I know I'm not the best boyfriend, and if she wants me to be better, then so be it because that's how I feel. If she never tells me again how much she loves me, I'll try to do the same thing for her. My heart is no longer hers, but now it's only hers because I don't want to hold on to the love that could never work.

To be honest, I don't want to lose the feeling of falling in love with someone because it's my fault. I had this fantasy about a girl that didn't exist, but I was willing to care for her and love her like a man in love should do, but it was just me being foolish. A man who loves and who is ready for a real relationship would not allow himself to be fooled by lies and immaturity.

The kind of relationship I'm talking about is a relationship with a future and a direction in life. We would be able to take care of one another, we'd have the same feelings, but we wouldn't depend on each other because it would be something that could only happen if we worked on ourselves and let go of those childish feelings and old promises.

Before she even said this, I knew she was right. I know that now I have to let go of the past to be ready for the future and make my girlfriend happy. I don't want a woman who will make me feel like a loser, but she's no longer like that. She wants me to change and change together because we need each other.

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