Opinion: Your true strength comes from recognizing your weaknesses.

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When we try to strengthen our weaknesses and focus on only the tasks we are good at, we are wasting vital time and energy in a way that will never bring us what we want. We need to find the value in the things that come easy for us and create meaningful work around those strengths, even if they don’t make up a large portion of our day-to-day lives.

When people tell me they are doing something to improve themselves, I’ll often ask what they’re calling their new selves. Sometimes they reply “me,” but more often than not, I find that is not really what they mean at all. They’d like to be seen as this other version of themselves - the one who has grown from these learnings. The one who has become a better person and made the world a better place in some small way.

And that is a wonderful thing. But this new version of themselves is rarely the real person we see before us. We all know them as the same person, but for some reason, they’ve decided to hide their true self away inside and make up this new one instead. They are so close to being everything they knew they could be, and yet they step away from this person who is already so close and familiar with them.

I think that if we truly want to become the best versions of ourselves, we need to stop hiding from what we already know. We need to find our true strengths and make them into strengths instead of carrying them around as weaknesses that could be better. We need to take what comes easily to us and turn it into something bigger than any one of us could ever be on our own.

Just as I’m writing this, my work-in-progress is on pause because I am facing some big challenges in my personal life.

I am in a very happy place in my life with the people around me, but the work that I have been doing has gotten cut short by other responsibilities that are not going to wait for me. They are definitely important, and they will take time and attention. They might even take up all of my time and attention.

But when it comes down to it, these things that I’m working on are projects just like any others - products of what I can do rather than who I am.

I have many things that I am working on. Most of them are not going to be by the time I’m done with them. And that is okay.

One thing that happens when we finish a project or get some success or a new level of achievement is that we stop being excited about it and begin worrying about what comes next. We become people who go through the motions, just puttering along. We focus on what we can’t do rather than what we can. It feels better to be a person with something to show for their life than a person without anything.

That’s why so many people set themselves up for failure. They work at things they don’t love just because they don’t feel like doing anything else - because they feel like there is no other thing to do.

There are a lot of things we could do with our lives. But that is only if we feel like we have the time to do them. If you feel like you don’t have time for them, then either change something or accept that you are never going to be able to make time for anything else.

I’m always telling myself that this is it, this is my life, and I’m going to make the most of it. I’m going to be the person I want to be. I’m going to go after things that make me happy instead of just doing things that feel like they should be the right thing to do.

For me, that’s a strength, not a weakness.

I challenge you to find your true strengths and make them into strengths instead of weaknesses. I challenge you not to let other people or bad experiences dictate what you can accomplish in life.

I challenge you to stop being afraid of the things that scare you and just take a leap of faith. I challenge you to continue learning and growing, not settling.

This is your life; make it what you want it to be.

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