How to Turn a Spare Room Into Your Own Yoga Sanctuary

Felix Yim

Yoga is an age-old exercise activity promoted around the world as both an excellent workout for both the body and mind. A main selling point of yoga is its low-intensity form, making it perfectly suited for people of all ages and fitness levels as a way to increase flexibility, tone muscles, improve cardiovascular health, and relax the mind.

Finding a basic space to perform some yoga isn't hard, as it is an activity that requires very little physical space to do. But that doesn't mean you can't benefit from a large yoga space. If you have a spare room, particularly one that is just being used to collect junk, it may be the perfect space to turn into your own personal yoga sanctuary.

Declutter Your Space

Yoga doesn't require a huge amount of space to participate in, especially compared to other home exercise activities, but it is good if the space that you use is as clutter-free as possible. Decluttering has two main benefits for your yoga sanctuary. Firstly, it gives you space to stretch out. Even though yoga doesn't require much space, it's nice to have a clear and declutter space to be able to stretch and work without worrying about moving things out of the way or knocking things over. Secondly, part of yoga is relaxing the mind as much as the body. A decluttered space is much more relaxing than a space stuffed full of clutter and junk.

Choose Calming Colours

Yoga is a calming activity and the room should reflect that. Colour plays a strong role in how we feel, especially when it comes to the environment we are in. Calming colours are the ideal choice for your yoga sanctuary, helping to reinforce the relaxing feels yoga generates. The colours you choose will be a personal choice but blues, greens, pastels, and greys are generally thought to have a strong calming presence.

Accessorise with Purpose

Accessorising the space is all about creating a personal and peaceful area to perform your yoga. Accessorising isn't about the supplies you need to do yoga, instead, it's the finishing touches to the room that tie the space together. Think plants, flowers, candles, table-top water fountains, and even the artwork you hang on the walls. Put some thought into the type of accessories that you find relaxing and customise your space accordingly.

Sound Is Key

Yoga isn't just about the physical, it's also about the mental experience. With that in mind the look, and importantly sound, of the room is just as key as have a space you can physically stretch out in. A good sound system doesn't have to cost a fortune, even a small docking station for your phone will do, but having something to play some relaxing music while you workout will make a huge difference.

Gather Your Supplies

Yoga doesn't require a huge amount of supplies and accessories compared to other exercise and relaxation activities, but it does help to have a few things: yoga mats to provide a soft and slip-free surface; yoga bricks to help with certain stretches; books or video material; yoga belts; towels for after the workout. Collecting all your supplies and storing them in a dedicated space in your spare room will make life much easier when it comes to starting your routine.

Get Started Now

As the saying goes the best time to start something was yesterday, the second-best time is now. Some of the ideas on this list will take time to plan and implement, e.g. wiring a sound system or picking colours, but that doesn't mean you can't start work on crafting your personal yoga sanctuary as soon as possible. It doesn't have to be complete for you to benefit from having a personal and relaxing space to perform your yoga exercises. Not everything on this list is essential either. These are merely suggestions as to how you can craft a yoga sanctuary. Your ideal space may not include some of these elements, and likewise, you may have other requirements not mentioned here. The important things to remember is that the sooner you get started on turning your spare room into a yoga sanctuary, the sooner you will be able to reap the benefits.

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