Artificial Intelligence Will Shape The Future of Hospice

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Despite the popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in other industries, its not fully realized impact on futurism fog is beginning to dry up. However, AI will shape the future of many hospice services, particularly how administrative assistants will complete their daily tasks. Administrative assistants have the most exposure to state and federal regulations that govern various aspects of end-of-life care. Artificial Intelligence can greatly assist staff in these roles by streamlining processes and improving the overall quality of staff jobs.
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How Will Artificial Intelligence Help Hospice

Artificial Intelligence is designed to improve customer service so customers don't have to struggle placing an order, scheduling meetings or assembling the products they want. AI reduces payroll hours and training time as well. Today’s administrative assistants must multi-task and work on the complex schedules of patients with varying needs. In addition to dealing with a diverse set of patient requirements, they must also monitor regulatory policies that govern hospice administration. Failure to meet these regulations, even marginally, can put the agency itself in jeopardy. These features of administrative tasks are well suited for Artificial Intelligence.

For example, the agency must identify core regulations that must be followed and periodically define supplemental policies that may require the addition to various standard operating procedures. These “rules” are then published and communicated to various business units. The current method for monitoring these regulations is the manual input of this information into spreadsheets, databases or otherwise. This is a huge labor drain on the staff that is recorded in a series of database entries. According to, “Very few Americans actually trust private institutions nor politicians and companies — for example a bank, news website, charity and financial firms.” Additionally, “Eleven percent of Americans say America is too bureaucratic.” AI has the potential to overcome these issues by freeing up administrative costs and allowing professionals to focus on caring for each patient.

The Reskilling of Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants can use their skills to improve their job by partnering with an internal organization tasked with implementing Artificial Intelligence into your agency. An AI virtual assistant can be set up to perform complex data analytics and financial management tasks that require hundreds of hours per year. With organizational automation, administrative professionals can focus their attention on core billing and customer service. This will be beneficial for the building skills of both your staff and your customers.

Implementing a modern AI system can improve the automation tasks and customer interactions that administrative professionals manage. These tasks are a good fit with how a human works, and the results of an AI system are becoming generally predictable. If a business added a job to their workflow that still required human judgement, there would be more of a backlash than if the task became automatic. When a customer is placed in the wrong room, or gets an entirely different price than expected, AI tends to deliver similar results. This reliability makes customers more comfortable with the idea of using AI systems.
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Is the ROI Worth It?

A reputable IT support company derives a greater ROI form implementing Artificial Intelligence, versus simply investing to technology. Integrating these technologies stack increases the abilities and ROI of your employees and customers. This does not devalue the job or requiring extensive documentation. Instead, the entire agency functions at a higher level of complexity with the support of modern technologies and tools designed for decluttering the business.

Some agencies don't see the ROI until artificial intelligence fully completes processes that have been previously delivered by subsidiary roles or manual data entry. When administrative tasks and direct patient care are partially automated, new tasks become more manageable and time allows each executive and support staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

Many small businesses and government agencies realize that implementing Artificial Intelligence today is superior to using technology for long term support. Most law offices, police departments and other government institutions have behind the scenes AI systems in place or in direct communication with government agencies. Overall, these operations would be interrupted if these systems weren't running. Small businesses that don't implement AI mean for their services to fail tomorrow. Owners that trust technology now will save themselves a fortune in the future. There is simply no point in wasting any hours on low-value data entry tasks when AI can perform the same work more efficiently than a human. Avoid unaffordable hours and lost research opportunities by implementing AI.<|endoftext|>

I would like to make a confession. What you have read up until the point where it says "end of text" was written by artificial intelligence. The work was done by the machine of an Israeli startup company called AI21 Labs.

By writing this article on my behalf, the artificial intelligence is already proving beneficial to me. To me AI is already here and learning how to leverage it for your benefit is just the smart thing to do. Upon reflection, I wonder if this article really belongs to anyone other than the author. The truth is I didn't write it, but I was in control of it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post. Feel free to share it if you think your friends and family would find this valuable.
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