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Felicia Atkinson

Desk essentials I have.

In the past, I would do a lot of work in my bed or on my couch. I was never someone to actually sit at a desk and do my work. Mostly because I was always crunched on time and I tried to get work done wherever was most convenient for me.

However, I’ve recently been more adamant about creating a space that’s a designated office space for me to get some work done. This has resulted in me being more productive and efficient with my time.

And there have been a few desk essentials that have helped immensely. Not everyone needs a specific space designated as an office to get work done, or desk essentials, however, you may find that creating a workspace is a great way to stay on task.

Disclaimer: The resources and information shared in this article are solely for entertainment purposes and aren’t intended to provide any professional advice.


You may be wondering why headphones are one of my desk essentials, so let me explain.

I like to listen to music sometimes when I work. It depends on what I’m working on, but I often like to play some music in the background as I’m working.

This is something that may be hit or miss. Some people can get their work done while listening to music, while others need absolute peace and quiet in order to stay on task.

Music often helps me with productivity. If music doesn’t distract you, listening to some soothing tunes while writing or working on another project may be advantageous to you.

A notebook or planner

In the past, I seldom used a planner. It wasn’t until I entered college where I actually started using my planner more.

I always kept everything stored in my brain rather than writing it down. But as you can imagine, relying solely on your memory has its drawbacks. It makes it easy to forget things, and if you have important information you have to remember, writing it down and storing it in an organized place is key.

This is why I like to have a notebook or planner handy at my desk. If I need to jot down a note or brainstorm some ideas, I can easily do it while sitting at my desk.

I also like to make to-do lists in the mornings, so I make sure that I complete all of the work that needs to be done by the end of the day.

I’ve never been a procrastinator per se, however, I’ve had my moments where I’m lacking the motivation to get my work done.

A flash drive or hard drive

I made the mistake in the past of not saving my work on a separate flash drive or hard drive. It resulted in me losing my entire body of work that I had been working on for a few months.

One day I tried to open the file where my work was stored, and somehow my work was gone.

After this incident, I decided to store any work I didn’t want to lose on a flash drive as a back up in case something similar happened in the future. Having a flash drive on hand is crucial for me so that I don't have to start from square one.

I’ve made it a priority to have a neat and organized workspace so that I can be as productive and efficient as possible with my time.

You may not think that these desk items are necessities, however, they’re definitely necessities for me. Having a pair of headphones, a notebook/planner, and a flash drive on hand has made my life immensely easier and has allowed me to get my work done in a timely fashion.

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